5 Skincare Tips for Aging Women

Aging Women

Every woman out there that loves looking good has probably gone the extra mile to ensure they maintain the same looks as they age. In the long run, some of the methods have proven to be harmful to their skin. This article will explore 5 skincare tips for aging women that will help keep them looking beautiful.

Guard your Skin Against the Sun

Harsh sun rays are a significant cause of dry, wrinkles, and spotted skin. Protecting your skin from sun exposure by wearing sun-protective such as long-sleeved clothes, sunglasses, and hats reduces skin damage incidences. Include a broad-spectrum facial sunscreen with at least SPF 30 in your cosmetic bag while travelling. It will protect you from burns and health problems such as melanomas. Whenever you are spending time on the beach, also remember to wear body sunscreen to protect other areas of the body. For best results, make sure that you reapply the sunscreen throughout the day without forgetting to slather some on your neck and hands.

Sun damage may not be visible at young ages. However, its damaging effects might may become evident later in life. That doesn’t mean you can’t reverse the changes needed to achieve healthy skin. Limit sun exposure whenever you are spending time outdoors.  Long clothes and sunscreen also work well.

Cleanse and Moisturize

Aging women should clean their skin at least twice a day using a gentle, non-irritant cleanser that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Also, look for a product that will not strip natural oils from your skin and create a dull and somewhat dry hue. Those with dry skin can try a cleanser that offers a protective barrier with ingredients such as ceramides. Whenever you wake up in the morning use lukewarm water to rinse your face, then apply a premium facial moisturizer. These can restore the natural moisture balance of the skin and restore your youth naturally.

Moisturizers create a barrier that prevents water loss from the skin, which helps lock in moisture and prevents dehydration. Hydrated skin is less prone to developing wrinkles and aging. Again, we would like to stress that the quality of the products you use should be top notch. Avoid moisturizers with harsh soaps as they tend to irritate and weaken the skin over time.


Exfoliation by scrubbing or using chemicals (AHAs and BHAs) is ideal for aging women’s skin. You should do this with caution because, with aging, the outer skin layer thins and become more delicate. Over-exfoliating may cause tears to the skin, which may be an entry point for microorganisms that can cause skin infections that may be fatal. Also, when you have aging skin, the quality of the exfoliant you use should be top notch. The best body scrubs do an excellent. Make sure that the ingredients of your preferred brand are safe before buying one.

Use a gentle scrubber to eliminate dead skin cells twice weekly, then apply a calming elixir to soothe the skin. Body lotions work. You can also use body muds with good results.

Try Retinol

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that increase skin cell renewal, clears hyperpigmentation, and brightens skin tone. Therefore, if you have rapidly aging skin, using a retinol based body butter or lotion can help to improve your looks naturally. They quickly penetrate through the skin layers to where collagen is, aiding collagen synthesis, reducing fine lines, acne, and wrinkles. It can also firm your skin, thereby improving its overall luster.

Quit Smoking

In addition to the above healthy skincare tips for aging women, quitting smoking is essential for a healthy skin look. Research shows that most smokers tend to age faster than non-smokers of the same age. Nicotine also destroys the skin’s elastic strength, resulting in acne spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Whenever you feel like smoking, drink water instead. It is more beneficial to the body than nicotine as it flushes out toxins that can damage the skin. It also hydrated skin cells, improving looks.

If you are of an advanced age, your skin care routine can influence how you look and feel. Cigarette smoking is harmful to the skin. Avoid it at all costs. You should also hydrate and use safe and effective skin care products (preferably natural).