Best Appetite Suppressants in 2022

Appetite Suppressants

Losing weight is a challenge for some women mainly because of poor approaches they adopt such as not using high-quality appetite suppressants. A majority decide to starve instead of eating a healthy diet. Others dream of the hourglass figure they see in movies yet do not want to put in the work. If you are one of them, make the following changes today to improve your looks and health: First, keep the intake of refined carbohydrates low. These flood the body with calories, which it converts to fat on the belly or thighs. Next, stay active. Buy a treadmill or a gym subscription and work out at least thrice per week to shed excess calories gradually. Also, always use the best appetite suppressants for women to fast-track the weight loss process.

What are appetite suppressants for women? What are its benefits? Appetite suppressants are supplements, formulated as capsules or powders that help people to lose weight. Used as direct, they can lower hunger pangs, “forcing” you to eat less. Calorie consumption drops, which forces the body to convert few calories into fat, inducing faster and more natural weight loss. Appetite suppressants are safe for men/women but work best with good eating habits and activity. We have reviewed the best brands in this niche for you and your family.

Are you in a hurry?

Weight loss should be a controlled and well-thought-out process. Instead of wasting money on an invasive process that will do more harm than food, use an appetite suppressant. We have provided detailed information that can help you to find one.

Best Overall


Leanbean Pill

Leanbean has produced this appetite suppressant for women for some years now. It uses natural extracts of choline to remove cholesterol from the body. It also contains B vitamins and mineral additives such as zinc and chromium picolinate that normalize glucose levels and boost the metabolic rate of users. Leanbean has 150 soft gel capsules that you can swallow with water or sour or empty in smoothies.

High-End Pick


Powher fat burner

Powher comes as capsules or powder – you choose the one that works best for you. If you choose capsules, you will receive 160 supplements, each with a soft-touch structure that is easy to swallow. They lack additives such as preservatives. The product (both capsules and the powder) lacks caffeine if that is a concern for you. Powher suppresses appetite and boosts the metabolic rate to induce weight loss.

Budget Pick



The production of PhenGold happens in a cGMP and FDA-certified facility in the United States. It is unisex and comes formulated as capsules, each with 500 mg of green tea and 250 mg of L-Thianine. It also contains Rhodiola (250 mg), Coffea Arabica (100mg), cayenne pepper (200mg), and L-Tyrosine (300mg) that boost fat metabolism reduce inflammation and boost metabolism. This product has a money-back guarantee (100%). If you get a bad batch, you can request compensation.

Buying Guide for Appetite Suppressants

There is no doubt that appetite suppressants work judging by the positive reviews shared online. However, follow this guide to get one of the best models in this niche.

Ingredients: the appetite suppressant you get is only as good as the quality of the ingredients used to produce it. Check this and make sure the product will satisfy your needs before shelling out cash. What are the ingredients used? If you are allergic to caffeine, for instance, buying a product with coffee might be a bad decision. Ingredients should be natural and lack additives such as preservatives.

Formula: How has the manufacturer formulated the appetite suppressant that you are planning to buy? Does it come in form of capsules or powder? Powdered formulae are cheaper but bitter and need a bit of effort to prepare. Capsules, on the other hand, come ready to use. Packaged in soft gel vegetable capsules, you can swallow them with water or soup as directed to work towards shedding weight.

Reputation: The reputation of an appetite suppressant might be indicative of the quality of the product on offer. Ordering a product that has attracted negative reviews, for instance, is risky as the probability of failure is high. Look for a product from a reputable brand. It should have attracted many positive reviews as well.

1. Leanbean

With the Leanbean fat burner for women, you get a month’s supply of natural weight loss capsules that work in three ways. By curbing hunger, they lower calorie intake and thus weight gain. They also boost fat metabolism from the belly, thighs, and bum and boost energy to help you to exercise for a long time.

The key ingredient in Leanbean is Glucomannan – a potent/natural appetite suppressant. Taken before a meal, it swells the stomach to help people to eat less, lowering calorie consumption. It also contains choline – a naturally occurring nutrient that removes cholesterol from the body and chromium picolinate – an essential trace mineral that maintains normal glucose levels. Finally, it has B complex vitamins (B6/B12) and chloride, which boost metabolism, Garcinia Cambogia, Pipperine, acai berry, and turmeric. It is a “complete package”.

All extracts are from natural plants and seeds. Additives such as zinc are also safe, while its pharmaceutical-grade concentration does not induce harsh side effects such as diarrhea, joint pain, or headaches. The 150 gel capsules in Leanbean are ready to use. Swallow with water or juice to start your journey to weight loss at home.

Even though the manufacturer swears by this product, Leanbean is not a magic supplement. You must also put in the work by eating a healthy diet and exercising to gain fast and long-lasting results. It also contains caffeine. Keep that in mind.

  • Garcinia Cambogia, Pipperine, acai berry, and turmeric extracts are natural.
  • It boosts metabolism and spurs fat hydrolysis leading to weight loss.
  • Swells the stomach to help people to eat less and lower calorie intake.
  • Has caffeine, which makes it unsuitable for some people.
Our Verdict:

The Leanbean is a natural weight loss supplement with vitamin B6/ 12, Glucomannan, and zinc. The 160 capsules (one-month supply) are ready to use. If you need the best fat burners for women, you can find some of the best here.

2. Powher

Powher comes as capsules or a powdered formula that supports faster weight loss by boosting metabolic rate. It also increases endurance and energy, enabling users to exercise for longer, and reduces sleep latency. Recommended for females, this optimally dosed supplement is low on stimulants and lacks harsh additives.

Whenever you are planning a gym session, you can use Powher as a pre-workout supplement. It not only induces weight loss but can also boost energy levels and endurance, enabling you to exercise for longer. It can also increase motivation, which is equally helpful for people with weight-induced self-esteem issues.

Apart from suppressing appetite, Powher is a potent fat burner. The natural ingredients in each of the 160 capsules in this pack “turbo boost” metabolic rate. Therefore, when resting or sleeping, your body will be in a better position to break down calories and fats than people who do not use the product. Exercise regularly for faster and better results. Finally, being a nootropic, the supplement will boost your mental or cognitive ability and thus help you to feel better about yourself.

The Powher appetite suppressant is non-stimulant. Therefore, if you are allergic to caffeine or coffee, it should be your top pick for weight loss. The ingredients are natural and come in optimally dosed capsules that are easy to swallow.

  • This appetite suppressant does not contain caffeine or stimulants.
  • Each package has soft gel capsules that are easy to swallow with water.
  • The product is effective only when you are sleeping.
  • Slightly expensive than some brands in this niche.
Our Verdict:

Powher is an optimally dosed supplement that induces quicker weight loss. It comes in powdered form and capsules - both safe. Powher also targets most areas of the body, which makes it one of the best weight loss products around.

3. PhenGold

PhenGold is a blend of natural and organic supplements for weight loss. Green tea extracts (500mg), L-Thianine (250mg), and Rhodiola SP (250 mg) are fat burners. Coffea Arabica (100mg), cayenne pepper (200mg), and L-Tyrosine (300mg), on the other hand, boost fat and calorie burning and alertness. Although it has stimulants such as caffeine and catechins, it is 100% safe to use following provided instructions.

PhenGold appetite suppressant plays many unique roles. Vitamin B3 (or niacin), which forms the bulk of its ingredients, lowers bad cholesterol in the body to boost heart health. It also maintains optimal insulin levels and reduces inflammation due to health conditions such as arthritis. Vitamin B6 and B12 increase the metabolic rate of the body, while green tea leaf extracts boost fat burning by up to 4%. Also, you get Rhodiola Rosea root extracts (a fat burner), L-Arginine (a fat burner), and L-tyrosine (a nootropic) that contribute to healthy metabolism and weight loss.

PhenGold is a USA-made product for men and women. The company sources its ingredients sustainably within and outside the USA. Also, the production process meets both FDA and CGMP standards and the packaging is BPA-free and leak-proof.

By ordering directly from the manufacturer, you will have your privacy protected during the shipping process. The company does not share details of its customers and offers you a 100% money-back guarantee if you get a bad batch.

  • Manufactured following FDA and CGMP standards which boosts safety.
  • The unisex formula is suitable for both women and men.
  • The natural and organic extracts used to produce it are effective.
  • If you cannot tolerate cocaine, the product might irritate you.
Our Verdict:

If you can tolerate stimulants such as caffeine, PhenGold supplement is ideal. The extracts are natural. The company swears by its efficacy by offering a cash-back guarantee.

4. Zotrim

This supplement comes as a 30-day or two-month supply of weight loss capsules rich in Yerba Mate leaf extracts, caffeine, vitamin B3/6, damiana leaf extract, and guarana seed extract. These play many roles including calorie and fat breakdown and stopping the formation of new fat cells in the body. They also suppress hunger and boost the body’s metabolic rate to enhance fat and calorie burning naturally.

The herbal formula has undergone many clinical trials with satisfactory results. It comes in a pack of 60 and 120 capsules that you can swallow with water and or juice. The capsules have a long shelf life, lack preservatives, and come in a small and portable bottle. Its unisex formula is recommended for both men and women.

  • You have the choice of 120 or 60 capsules depending on your pocket.
  • Its unisex formula does not contain preservatives or harsh additives.
  • Rich in Yerba Mate leaf extracts, caffeine, vitamin B3/6, damiana leaf extracts.
  • It is not suitable for children and pregnant women and not available off shelf.
Our Verdict:

Zotrim is can suppress hunger, breaks down fat and calories, and stop the formation of new fat cells, stimulating weight loss naturally. It is unisex and thus suitable for women and men and has an herbal formula backed by science.

5. Immune Defense

Immune Defense is a potent immune booster for men, women, and kids that support a healthy immune system. It can prevent the common cold and other viral infections. It also strengthens metabolism and can therefore play a vital role in weight loss if used well. The vegan-friendly capsules (120) contain pharmaceutical doses of zinc lozenges, acerola, and rosehip. Packing is leak-proof, while the money-back guarantee offered covers all issues. Immune Defense is caffeine-free.

Immune Defense lozenges are vegetarian. They do not contain poultry or animal products. The product has also undergone clinical trials that found it safe and able to protect users from viruses such as influenza A and B infections. Metanalyses have shown its ability to slow aging, improve eyesight, and spur weight loss.

  • The vegan-friendly capsules are tasteless and very easy to use.
  • It boosts metabolism and can prevent viral infections as well.
  • It has undergone and passed many clinical trials attesting to its safety.
  • The caffeine-free formula is effective but costs slightly more money.
Our Verdict:

Immune Defense can boost immune function, which lowers the risk of viral and bacterial infections. It has a refreshing taste and 120 capsules in a leak-proof bottle.

Final Thoughts

An appetite suppressant will help you to get in shape naturally by lowering calorie intake. You can get powder formulae and capsules, most with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for women and men. Look for a safe product that is within your budget. It should be easy to use and proven to offer good/long lasting results.