Beauty Tips and Tricks at Home

Beauty Tips and Tricks at Home

You should visit a spa often to get professional hair and skincare. These costs can add up quickly, though. To help you to cut costs and look stunning at the same time, we have reviewed a few beauty tricks and tips for maintaining healthy hair and skin at home. These utilize readily available materials.

Drink Water

It is common knowledge that drinking water has many health benefits to men and women. Experts recommend that you should drink one to two liters per day to keep your skin supple and regulate blood sugars. We have one more tip for you. To get your digestive system started in the morning, drink a big glass of water immediately after brushing your teeth. You lose a lot of water while sleeping at night. Doing this rehydrates the body instantly, rejuvenating the body and helping you to tackle the day with zeal and determination. It also boosts skin health.

Clean the Skin

Because of our hectic schedules, most of us spend five to 10 minutes in the shower and thus fail to clean the skin properly.  To improve its health and retain its youth for long, you should do slightly more. Immediately you wake up, use bath soap and cold water to clean your face thoroughly. You should wet it with cold water, apply soap and scrub it with a microfiber towel or an exfoliating mitt to remove debris, gunk, and dead skin cells. Body scrubs are slightly aggressive, so do not use those on your face. When done, rinse your face with cold water, pat it dry with a towel, and apply a facial treatment or a facial toner. We stress using cold water because it will not open pores.

Mayonnaise Works

All women should have premium hair care products such as hair conditioners, hair gels, and hair oils and serums. However, did you know that you can substitute such products with mayonnaise with good results? While this sounds crazy, mayonnaise can protect your mid-length hair and ends from damage while shampooing. It also prevents shampoos from stripping oils from your hair and drying it out, thereby retaining its shine. For best results, apply it to the root of your hair before you shampoo and condition the hair and rinse it thoroughly thereafter. This will cost you pennies per session.

Honey Your Face

People enjoy using honey because of its amazing taste and its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. However, did you know that it can also hydrate your face, draw out toxins, and soothe acne-prone skin? While bloating papers and facial treatments are effective, honey is natural, cheap, and very pleasant to use during the day and at night. For the best results, apply a thin layer on your face to create a mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. You can moisturize afterward.

Baking Soda for the Teeth

Like the face, the teeth are critical as they are among the first things people see while interacting. However, they discolor easily if your drink hard water, smoke cigarettes, or drink a lot of coffee. You should consider using baking powder to remove such impurities. It is cheaper than teeth whitening kits yet is very effective. Add three drops of hydrogen peroxide to boost its efficacy even further. Both products are safe for humans.

Orange Peels Can Exfoliate

Whenever it is time to exfoliate, you most probably think about using body scrubs. Did you know that orange peels can also exfoliate? These natural and effective alternatives to scrubs work well on all skin types. Rich in vitamin C, it also nourishes skin cells, thus leaving the skin feeling soft and looking young. Orange peels are easy to use. Cut an orange in half, flip it skin side up, and use it to scrub your elbows, knees, and legs, etc. You can also grind the peel and use it to make a body scrub.

This video covers these steps in detail;

Lemon Peels Clean Varnish Stains

Women resort to invasive techniques such as scaping nails to remove varnish stains. We have a safe and natural alternative – using lemon peels. Rub a lemon peel on your nail to remove dark varnish stains and then soak in lemon juice to whiten it.

The seven beauty tips we have shared herein are beneficial to all women. They are easy to use at home and do not cost a fortune. They are also safe no matter the hair, skin, or nail issue you have.