Beauty Tips for Black Women

Beauty Tips for Black Women

Black skin requires a tad bit more effort to clean and maintain than white skin. It has a thicker composition and can be oily – a disastrous combination for many women. We can help you with this. In this article, we share some beauty tips for black women.


They say that beauty is skin deep. Whatever you put into your body often depicts the outcome. Oily foods, for instance, will not only bulge your waistline but also have a bad impact on the function and thus look of your skin. If you are struggling with dark skin, the first thing that you should do is check your diet. Eat lean proteins such as fish and a lot of vegetables and fruits. If your body is healthy, your skin will be healthy as well.


Hydrated skin is not only flexible but also less prone to develop structural defects such as tears. Therefore, if you have black skin that you are struggling to care for, the second tip is to work on your hydration. This is twofold. First, drink two liters of clean water every day to moisturize your skin from inside. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea and they will dry your skin even further. You should also avoid smoking (or keep it to a minimum) to maintain young- and healthy-looking skin. Second, hydrate the skin from the outside. This is where the quality of the product(s) that you use comes to play. The best facial moisturizers can leave the skin looking young and supple. You should also use facial toners and astringents to clean and condition the skin and premium self-tanners and bronzers to improve its outlook. Natural products such as coconut oil and aloe vera also work well, so use them as well.

Physical Activity

Did you know that staying active can have a positive effect on your skin? It not only keeps you young and mentally active but can also improve the luster of the skin in the following ways. First, by boosting blood circulation to the skin, it improves the spread of minerals and vitamins, which boost health. It also tightens the skin and can stimulate a rapid excretion of most free radicals, carcinogens, and toxins that can damage the skin. Cardiovascular workouts such as athletics (or running) are the best.

Sun Protection

Black skin contains a high amount of melanin than white skin, which protects it from burning. However, it can only withstand a low level of abuse and therefore needs added protection to stay safe. Apart from drinking water, eating healthy food, and working out, maintain optimal sun protection whilst outdoors to improve the wellbeing of your skin. Wear facial sunscreen and body sunscreen whenever you are spending time on the beach. These should have a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating to enjoy good protection from UVA/UVB rays in the environment. Wide breamed hats, face caps, and sunglasses also work well.

Skincare Routine

Whether you have black or white skin, its health always boils down to the skincare routine that you adopt. If you use greasy skincare sets and fail to clean it well, you might have clogs that end up damaging your skin. To avoid such problems, use cold water and soap to clean your face in the morning and before you retire to bed. While cold water is uncomfortable to use, it is the best because it is less likely to open your pores. This gives the skin a smooth texture. Also, you do not have to worry about dirt or bacteria clogging skin pores over time.

The quality of the skincare products that you use on a day-to-day basis should be top-notch. Whether you like using face moisturizers or use face exfoliators or eyeliners to improve your looks, make sure that they are the best. The ingredients should be natural and therefore safe for your skin. They should also provide long lasting benefits to your skin without damage.

Dr. Anthony Youn reviews this in detail in this video.

Your skin is the first that people see whenever you are interacting so try to keep it as healthy as possible. Use facial and body sunscreens to prevent damage. You should also eat a healthy diet, hydrate/moisturize the skin, and stay active to increase blood circulation to the skin. Most women can do this.