Beauty Tips for Oily Face

Beauty Tips for Oily Face

Oily skin contains a high amount of a waxy substance known as sebum, which usually hydrates and protects it. Even though sebum keeps the skin healthy, overproduction can cause a plethora of issues, ranging from acne to clogged pores. Acne can rupture and create small wounds that leave dark spots all over the skin after healing. If you have such skin, managing it well should be a priority to avoid the foregoing and other issues. We provide a few invaluable tips that can be of help.


Overproduction of sebum has a genetic predisposition. As such, we cannot cure it nor do much about it. However, with a good skincare routine, you can prevent clogs, irritation, and skin conditions such as acne and have a boost in confidence. This is not hard nor needs professional assistance to do correctly. All you have to do is use gentle bath soap and water to clean the face in the morning or after a long day at work. If you have oily skin, we recommend that you use warm water. This will open your skin pores and allow sebum to flow out as you clean, guaranteeing you quick and long-lasting results. While choosing shower and bath oils, bubble bath products, and other bathroom accessories, avoid products with harsh fragrances as they can irritate your skin. You should also avoid products with additives such as grease and/or harsh chemicals.


Many women are hesitant to exfoliate oily skin. This should not a concern. It brings many benefits some of which we have talked about below. First, exfoliating renews skin cells, which keeps your face looking younger. It also normalizes skin tone and can soothe skin problems such as acne if you do it correctly. After washing the skin, use a body scrub to exfoliate skin cells gently. These come in many coarseness so choose a product that you will enjoy using. If you have delicate skin, do not use chemical peels. Use a natural exfoliant such as orange peel or a lemon and sugar mix. They take slightly longer to be effective but often provide professional results in the end. While exfoliating, cover the nose and neck too for an even look.


Do you have shiny oily skin that you are struggling to tone down? Use blotting paper to pick excess oils from the skin. Then, use a toner to create an even matte finish and improve your overall look. During its application, use soft and gentle strokes and a make-up sponge or blender to get even coverage without irritating the skin. You should also use a natural product with a high tannin content. They are the best.

Apply Moisturizers

Contrary to what some people think, your oily skin can benefit from a good moisturizer. If you choose the best brands, you will never worry about your skin looking greasier or flaring out, as some women commonly report online. If you have oily skin, look for an oil-free moisturizer. These not only protect the skin but also keep it moist and flexible without feeling greasy. Natural formulae with extracts of aloe vera are among the best because they not only soothe oily skin but can also treat acne. Avoid alcohol-based products because they can dry the skin.

Face Masks

The best eye and face masks are highly beneficial because of their ability to draw oil from the skin. Facial treatments, body muds, and natural ingredients such as honey, cucumber, and charcoal are also beneficial on oily skin. These come ready to use but you can also make unique formulations to suit your skin type.

The honey and charcoal mask in this video work well.

Oily skin is hard to manage. However, with a bit of effort and the best skin care product, you can do a decent job in the comfort of your home. A few tips that can guarantee success is to formulate an effective skincare routine. Wash, exfoliate and moisturize it often to keep it clean and looking supple. Use face masks, preferably natural, at least twice every week and use an oil-free skin toner to get a smooth and matte finish.