Best Makeup Mirrors in 2022

The best makeup mirrors come in many sizes and shapes that you can use hassle-free outdoors and indoors. Most models fit comfortably in hand and are therefore easy to use. They benefit both women and men and ease how people groom or apply make-up at home or on the road. We have reviewed the best brands for professional make-up artists and everyday Janes. They are available at an affordable price in most reputable stores. The products are durable and easy to use.

Are you in a hurry?

While shopping for self-care accessories most women order make-up brushes, make-up sets, and make-up removers. However, a majority forget to buy make-up mirrors, which is equally important or not more important than other stuff. They provide a good view of the face, enabling you to groom easily. They are also portable and therefore beneficial to women who travel often. We have reviewed some of the best for you herein.

Best Overall

AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror has lights that enable you to see and groom your face in the dark. It measures 0.01 x 6.8 x 9.4 inches, weighs just 10 ounces, and has a stand that prevents it from toppling over while in use. You can use it on a countertop or table easily courtesy of this novel attribute. The 72 LED lights are bright. You can turn them on and off via a touch button mounted in front of its base. You can also change lighting modes and colors to create an ambient environment,

High-End Pick

BESTOPE Makeup Mirror Lighted Makeup Mirror with Lights

BESTOPE Makeup Mirror Lighted Makeup Mirror with Lights

BESTOPE is a lighted. Battery-powered makeup mirror that meets RoHS, CE, and FCC safety standards. It has a premium coating that does not fade over time. It can also zoom into and out of your face via a 2/3x inbuilt magnifier that you control via an onboard button. While applying eye creams or attaching false eyelashes and adhesives, you can zoom into tight areas to do an excellent job. The mirror rotates up to 180 degrees while in use. It also supports USB charging, which is a plus.

Budget Pick

Gospire 10x Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror

Gospire 10x Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror

Gospire is a magnified (10x) lighted makeup mirror that swivels up to 360 degrees. It has a sturdy base and an eye-catching design with a stain-resistant chrome frame. Therefore, the mirror looks good on side dressers. It measures 7 x 5.3 x 12.8 inches and weighs just 2.45 pounds, making it one of the best brands for traveling. Even though manual, adjusting its magnification is effortless. Grasp the side and twist its face ¼ inches at a time to increase its magnification to the desired level. Gospire has 18 inbuilt LED lights that are beneficial in the dark.

Buying Guide for Makeup Mirrors

Besides enabling flawless makeup application, the best makeup mirrors also add charm to the room. They come in many styles, shapes, designs, and magnification levels, making it challenging to decide which one to buy. The factors to consider before buying the best makeup mirrors are as follows.

Shape and Frame: Makeup mirrors are available in round, oval, and square. Square or rectangular-shaped mirrors provide you with fuller coverage, and they look great in any room. Besides the shape, you should also consider a mirror with a frame for stability and sturdiness. Frames are available in metal and plastic, with metal being heavier but more stable, while Plastic is light and great for traveling and ease of storage.

Mounting and Size: If you are looking for a permanent fixture in your bathroom, buy a large wall-mounted mirror, which also saves space. Ensure that it has an extendable arm that allows you to position it at any convenient angle.

If you do not want a wall-mounted mirror, you can go for a tabletop mirror that you can place in the bedroom or bathroom.

You should ensure that the place you place has enough lighting. If you are looking for a size that you can travel with at any time you want, go for a small size.

Lighting and Magnification: Lighting and magnification are other essential features to consider. A mirror with bright lights provides you with the best reflection and highlights all the imperfections that need fixing with ease.

If you do not have enough natural light, look for mirrors with LED lights or fluorescent bulbs that mimic natural light. Magnification ranges from 2x to 10x, and it is handy, especially when you making detailed makeup applications.

Top 5 Makeup Mirrors in the Market this Year

A good makeup mirror will improve how you apply make-up or use eyebrow liners at home or on the road. Here are the best brands.

1. Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights by AirExpect

When applying your makeup, your hands are usually full. Therefore, you cannot hold your mirror correctly. With this rotatable makeup mirror, you can easily adjust it to the angle you need as you continue applying your makeup.

This mirror comes with 72 Led lights to light up the dark areas in your room. These lights are soft and natural to protect your eyes. You can switch the color temperature from a warm glow to a cooler light to see how your makeup will appear in different lighting. Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights also comes with three color lighting modes and smart touch to dim the lights. This makes it easy to control the mirror and set it however you want. Besides, the 90 degrees rotation and tri-fold design allow for easy adjustment to the angle you want.

  • Features 72 LED lights that allow you to apply makeup even in the darkest places.
  • Features four panels with large mirrors and a sturdy base with a 90-degree rotation.
  • Powered by either USB or batteries and the mirrors change color to suit the surroundings.
  • It does not come with any battery to hold charge or AA batteries.
Our Verdict:

This lighted vanity makeup mirror has everything to make your makeup application process easy. Its lighting, color modes, 90 degrees rotation, and magnification mirrors will help you achieve a flawless look. In addition, powered by four AA batteries, you can recharge the mirror when the battery goes down.

2. BESTOPE Makeup Mirror Lighted Makeup Mirror with Lights

This makeup mirror has soft natural lights that will make you have a flawless makeup application process. The glass is of high definition, making it very clear and provides a better image. The mirror’s surface has a high-end premium coating and FCC, CE, and ROHS approved. There are 2x3x magnification mirrors incorporated in this makeup mirror. This will help you to see all your facial features, even the tiniest details. This mirror is suitable for eye makeup like eyeliners and eyebrows. Its design enables you to achieve perfection.

With 21 incorporated Led lights, you will not have an issue even in dim rooms. An incorporated touch sensor switch controls these lights. Press and hold down the sensor for a few minutes to adjust brightness. This provides enough light for your makeup application. This mirror offers a 180 degrees rotation that makes it easy to adjust to any position. In addition, this mirror uses four pieces of AAA batteries or a USB cable.

  • Trifold design with 21 LED lights and a rotation of 180-degrees.
  • Dimming abilities using a sensor touch button and three magnification levels.
  • Double power supply allowing you to operate it with either USB connection or AAA batteries.
  • No batteries provided, and lights are much brighter than those of similar mirrors.
Our Verdict:

This makeup mirror will take your makeup to the next level. Its design makes it easy to achieve a high-end professional look. The magnification mirrors help you spot the tiniest places, and the 180 degrees rotation makes it easily adjustable. Therefore, this mirror is ideal for your makeup at home and on the road.

3. Gospire 10x Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror

Gospire Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror comes in two sides with a 1x and 10x magnification. The 10x magnification side is ideal for applying makeup and beauty treatments that need more precision. These include contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing.

The other side is perfect for your hair makeup and grooming.

This mirror is 360 degrees adjustable and has a swivel joint diameter that helps the mirror to move effortlessly. This provides excellent viewing when applying makeup. It uses four AAA batteries that are available separately to provide enough light for your makeup. In addition, 18 LED built-in lights help in lighting up the area for a flawless application process.

  • Double-sided mirror with 1 and 10x magnification and brightness adjustment.
  • Allows easy movement with a 360-degree rotation and 7-inch diameter.
  • Includes lighting from 18 LED lights and AAA battery powered.
  • The mirror does not come with batteries.
Our Verdict:

This 360-degree double-sided mirror is ideal for your makeup application as well as grooming. With this mirror, you do not need an additional mirror for your hair and makeup. Also, its LED lighting provides enough light for your makeup.

4. KOOLORBS 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights

This 10X magnifying mirror helps you apply your makeup with high precision. It is ideal for wearing contact lenses, eyebrow tweezing, hair styling, shaving, and facial care. This mirror comes in three-color lighting with adjustable brightness. The touch screen switch helps you regulate the lights to your liking.

This mirror has an intelligent switching design that automatically turns off the lights after 30 minutes when not in use. The batteries are three AAA operated and are available separately. It is portable, and the 360-degree swivel joint makes it easy to adjust.

  • 10x-magnification, making it ideal for detailed makeup application even in the darkest room.
  • AAA battery operated with a 360-degree rotation and the ability to mount it on any surface.
  • Adjustable brightness with three color lighting to suit different makeup preferences.
  • It does not come with batteries.
Our Verdict:

This power-saving mirror is ideal for your bathroom, bedroom, or traveling. Its compact design makes it portable. Therefore, you can travel with it. This mirror comes with an integrated suction cup, which makes it easy to mount anywhere smooth. With this mirror, your makeup will never be a problem again.

5. ProYankiot Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

If you are a makeup enthusiast, nothing can stop you from achieving a flawless look. This LED High-Definition Makeup Mirror will give you a perfect look at all times. Whether you are going about your usual skincare routine or getting ready for a dinner date, this mirror will not disappoint you. It is clear and easy to handle, as it is light.

This standing-lighted makeup mirror is everything you need for your makeup. It has in-built LED lights that you can adjust with the touch sensor. The white, yellow, and white-yellow lighting modes help you determine how your makeup will appear in different light settings. The 2x3x magnification will help you see the tiniest details for a flawless finish for a closer magnification look.

  • It comes with 38 lid lights, a 90-degree rotation, and 1, 2, and 3x magnification.
  • Lightweight, easily portable design with a convenient storage base.
  • Polished finish and powered by 4 AA batteries or USB connector.
  • The light is not bright enough.
Our Verdict:

You usually need enough light when applying makeup to ensure you reach all the corners. This LED-lighted makeup mirror is ideal for you. You can adjust the light to the brightness you want and rotate it to a suitable angle. Use this makeup mirror to achieve a beautiful and appealing look. It is portable, durable, and less prone to scratching.

Final Thoughts

You can make makeup application quick and easy with one of the best makeup mirrors we have reviewed herein. They blend into and work well in most spaces. Most have freestanding designs with built-in LED lights and a magnification system.