Best Brow Brushes in 2022

Even though brow brushes are small, they are popular in the beauty industry for many reasons. They are perfect for grooming delicate areas such as eyebrows. Unlike pencils and pomades that require a bit of skill to use, most people can use brow brushes quickly and safely. During long outdoor trip, you can travel with a set in your cosmetic bag and use them to prop up your look while going for parties.

You can find many types of brow brushes in the market. Brands with natural bristles are suitable for people with sensitive skin but cost slightly more money. Synthetic models, on the other hand, are suitable for applying makeup as well as they are durable and cheaper to replace when worn out. We have reviewed both.

Are you in a hurry?

Shopping without a plan puts you at risk of making poor decisions while buying make-up stuff such as brushes. This article provides information that will help you to make good shopping choices. For instance, check out these products.

Best Overall

KINGMAS Professional Angled Eye Brow Brush and Spoolie

KINGMAS Professional Angled Eye Brow Brush and Spoolie

KINGMAS is a 2-in-1 device with a professionally angled 153mm design with a spoolie. Its angled design can penetrate and groom hard-to-reach areas, making it suitable for defining and shaping eyebrows. It has a slender plastic handle for easier control and a thick brush head on one end with synthetic bristles. After use, you can rinse these under to clean makeup residues without damage. The other end has a spoolie for blending and/or grooming eyebrows when needed.

High-End Pick

BENLILY 4pcs Eyebrow Brushes Set Eyeliner Groom Kit

BENLILY 4pcs Eyebrow Brushes Set Eyeliner Groom Kit

The BENLILY is a smart pick as you get four eyebrow brushes for highlighting, bolding, and finishing eyebrows. The brushes are of four types – an angled one for defining and shaping, a flat brush, a shader, and a spoolie for blending. The brushes have a unisex design that is beneficial to women and men. They are also ideal for applying a range of eye care products, including cream, pomade, powder, and eyebrow gel. All brushed have synthetic bristles and finished wood handles.

Budget Pick

JAPONESQUE Brow & Lash Shaper

JAPONESQUE Brow & Lash Shaper

By budget, we do not mean “cheap.” Instead, we have identified a product that offers users value at its price point. The JAPONESQUE pack only has one multi-functional brow brush that also has a comb, brow definer tool, and a spoolie. The comb is plastic, while its brush and spoolie have synthetic bristles. All guarantee flawless grooming as the materials are skin safe, while its 0.02-pound design is easy to handle. Overall, the product measures around 6.5 x 0.27 x 1.28 inches.

Buying Guide for Brow Brushes

Brow brushes are essential for grooming or applying eye powder. They effectively even out or darken your eyebrows to give you the look you are aiming for. Brow brushes are available in many sizes, materials, and shapes. The eyebrow brush you choose will come down to your personal preference and needs. Below are tips for choosing the perfect brow brush for your eyebrows.

Brow Brush Type: There are different types of brow brushes, all designed for a specific purpose. Some are for grooming the eyebrow or preparing them for gel or powder application. Others have angled tips to give brows a clean look. When buying eyebrow brushes, ensure you get one that makes the application easy.

Type of Bristle: Brow brushes come in natural or synthetic bristles. You can also find brow brushes with a combination of both natural and synthetic bristles. Most people prefer natural bristles because they are smoother, more durable, and make makeup easy than synthetic ones. They are, however, costlier than synthetic brushes. Whether you choose natural or synthetic bristles, you should check the texture and smoothness first. Choose a brush with smooth and firm bristles as they will give you an easier time when applying your makeup.

Size: Another factor to consider when choosing a makeup brush is its size. Brow brushes should be of the right size and thickness. Applying makeup with a right-sized brow brush ensures you get a natural and even look. The thickness and density of eyebrows will largely determine the size of brow brush you choose. A thinner brush may be ideal for thin and sparse eyebrows. However, if you have thick, heavy eyebrows, consider choosing a large brush for an even application.

Top 5 Brow Brushes in the Market this Year

Have you run out of brow brushes or have old and inefficient ones that irritate your skin? In this section, we provide reviews of some of the best in this niche.

1. KINGMAS Professional Duo Angles Eyebrow Brush

This angled brow brush is suitable for shaping and defining eyebrows. It is duo-sided. One side features a professional-grade angled brush ideal for defining and shaping eyebrows. The other side has a stoolie used for grooming and blending make-up. Made from premium quality synthetic fibers, this brush is durable and easy to clean. The bristles are firm, making this brow brush perfect for filling in eyebrows.

If you wish to have a professional look every day, this brush will shape and define your brows like a pro. This double-ended brow brush is an essential tool for daily make-up application. For best results, ensure you follow the right procedure.

  • This brow brush has firm bristles that are perfect for filling in sparse eyebrows.
  • Its angled design effectively shapes and defines your eyebrows.
  • It is double-sided to meet your eyebrow grooming and shaping needs.
  • This brow brush breaks easily, causing an inconvenience.
Our Verdict:

Finding an ideal eyebrow brush is not easy. You have to try several options before you find one that you like. With KINGMAS Professional Angled Duo Eyebrow Brush, you get a two in one eyebrow brush. This brush is the real deal. It will shape and define your brows to give you a professional look.

2. Parallel Products Premium Angled Brow Brush

This pack of two angled brow brushes is what you have looking for to complete your make-up. This is the epitome of versatility. These brushes will help you blend your make-up and create outlines like a pro. This brush set features an ergonomic handle. No more struggling to hold your brow brush because this hardwood handle is comfortable and designed for accuracy.

The blended fiber is firm and springy for smooth, consistent brows. Each fiber has a smooth sheen making it easy to clean between applications. If you are looking for excellent shape retention and consistency, this brow brush is the answer. PARALLEL PRODUCTS offers you a perfectly angled brow brush to outline, fill, and blend your make-up with ease. In addition, you get a 90-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

  • This brush is angled to shape and define eyebrows accurately.
  • Its custom-blended fibers provide a smooth and seamless blending.
  • It is easy to use, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • This brow brush is not ideal for teenagers.
Our Verdict:

Finding an ideal eyebrow brush is not easy. You have to try several options before you find one that you like. With KINGMAS Professional Angled Duo Eyebrow Brush, you do not need to look elsewhere. This brush is the real deal. It will shape and define your brows to give you a professional look.

3. BENLILY 4 pcs Eyebrow Brush Set

Buy this eyebrow brush set and get an angled, flat, shader, and spoolie brush. This is the perfect make-up kit for you to achieve a flawless eyebrow finish with ease. This brush set contains four brow brushes, all with distinctive functions.

The shader brow brush conceals fie hair and creates a highlight to give you a clean and bold finish. The flat brush creates sharp lines along with eyebrows and cleans up any mess. With the angled brush, you can create precise lines to mimic natural hair on your brows. You can outline brows or use winged eyeliner to create a similar effect. The spoolie brush brushes eyebrows into place for a more refined look. It blends the make-up into your brows and softens any hard marks.

  • This fully customizable eyebrow set meets all your brow needs.
  • It is versatile and works well with any brow products.
  • It perfectly shapes and defines your eyebrows, giving you a clean look.
  • The bristles are too soft, making them ineffective on hard hair.
Our Verdict:

Instead of buying single brow brushes, buy a set to save cash. It comes with all the brow brushes you need to create a perfect and natural look. This set is ideal for all brow shapes and products. Get this kit today and define your looks without difficulties. You can find some of the best cosmetic bags for your stuff here.

4. JAPONESQUE Brow and Lash Shaper

Who does not want to look beautiful always? JAPONESQUE Brow and Lash Shaper are here to help your brow and lashes are on point. This uniquely crafted brow and lash shaper will make you look as if you just stepped out of the salon. Made from natural fibers, this brush delivers top-notch results at all times. This simple brow and lash brush shape your brows and lashes to give them high-quality salon results. With this dual tool, you do not need any wax or lash glue.

This dual brush works on both thin and thick eyebrows. It also has a lightweight design that makes it suitable for daily use. Add this simple but precious tool to your cosmetic kit and carry it everywhere you go.

  • The product has natural fibers that provide optimum blending and control.
  • It shapes and defines eyebrows and eyelashes for a flawless look.
  • The brush is easy to clean to ensure you get a clean application every time.
  • It can break easily if not handled appropriately.
Our Verdict:

Get stunning eyebrows every day with this 2-in-1 lash and eyebrow brush. This tool will eliminate the need to go to the salon every day. You do not need a make-up artist to shape your brows and lashes every day because this tool will do the work. Get it today and make your days easier and exciting.

5. JAPONESQUE Angled Brow Definer Brush

This JAPONESQUE Angled Brow Definer Brush will help you achieve the bold brow look you have been yearning for. This precision-cut eyebrow brush allows you to get maximum control when taming your brows. It will help you to build a beautifully sculpted bold brow without a hassle.

This angular brow brush is great for shaping your brows. It is also suitable for drawing sharp lines with eyeliners or smudging eyeliner for a beautiful Smokey look. This brush will deposit color and shades to your brows, while the angled tip helps create a defined look from the arch to the tip.

  • This brow brush contains natural fibers that offer high precision and definition.
  • Its angled design perfectly lines, shapes, and defines brows with ease.
  • It is unisex, making it suitable for both men and women.
  • The bristles are thinner and not densely packed.
Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a brow brush that will give you a natural but defined look, JAPONESQUE Angled Brow Brush is the right pick. This brush has luxuriously soft fibers that give you maximum control while applying make-up. With this brush, you can shape your brows to get a refined look every day.

Final Thoughts

Having thick and well-defined eyebrows can help to draw attention to your face and earn you brownie points during dates. They can also improve your looks without you paying for an invasive facial procedure or spending a lot of cash. You can do this quickly using a brow brush. You can find synthetic and natural types for all skin. Others have spoolies and combs that are also beneficial.