Best Eye Shadows in 2022

Finding the right eye care products such as eye shadows can be a challenge, right? Well, not anymore! Purchasing a great eye shadow is often more of an investment than a normal eye pencil or lipstick. Looking at the trend, eye shadows are in demand than liners and brow colors.

The shades add more dimensions, power, size, and match one’s eye color for attraction. Today, there are various forms, ranging from liquid to pencil and cream to powder. However, before making a choice, here is a well-searched, detailed review to guide you on the best eye shadows on the market.

Are you in a hurry?

Eye shadows are suitable for adding body to the eyes naturally. Formulated as gels or liquid formulae, they are effective and very easy to use on most skin types. They are skin safe and come in portable tubes that you can transport in a cosmetic bag or tote bag. If you are shopping for one and do not have the time to compare available options, we have done this for you. We cover some of the best brands in the market this year for you to choose.

Best Overall

Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow Set

Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow Set

The Glam Attack is a liquid eyeshadow set with a deep black shade that makes the eyes pop. It comes in other bright colors as well that you can use to create drama on your face when needed. Each package has two components – an eyeshadow and a topper – which create a clean and seamless look always. You can use it with other makeup pallets if needed. Finally, the vegan-free formula is waterproof, cruelty-free, and has a 30-day return guarantee that you can activate if it fails to satisfy your needs.

High-End Pick

Stila Matte and Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Stila Matte and Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Stila Matte and Metal Eye Shadow Palette have attractive shades that leave a matte shimmer on the skin. It can complement most skin types mostly because of the large collections of shades in each pack. You get six modern matte pallets and six mega metallic pallets that you can experiment with to get your preferred look. Pigments have a smooth triple ground consistency that does not lump on the skin. They also blend smoothly and naturally with the skin and do not fade quickly during dry or wet weather.

Budget Pick

Chromatica Album & Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette

Chromatica Album & Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette

The CHROMATICA ALBUM & STUPID love is a popular celebrity-inspired eyeshadow palette that works well on most skin types. It has 18 high-impact colors, all of whose formulae are vegan-friendly and therefore safe to use on all skin types. They leave a silky texture on the skin with either a reflective finish or a multi-reflective finish depending on the pallet that you choose. This exclusive set is cruelty-free.  It is also vegan-free and manufactured in one of the best laboratories in the world – Haus. You can use it worry-free.

Buying Guide for Eye Shadows

The eyes and the skin around them are the most sensitive parts of the body. When buying any products for these parts, you should ensure that what you get is of the highest quality to prevent any potential side effects. Eyeshadows are some of the products used on the delicate part of the skin, so you have to know what to look for before you purchase.

Quality: Do not compromise the quality of the eyeshadow you choose to buy because you will use it on the delicate part of the skin. Choose a product with ingredients that will damage the eyes and the skin. Avoid eyeshadows with chemical elements.

Skin Type: Your skin type should dictate the kind of eyeshadow you buy. People have different skin types that range from oily to dry, sensitive, and normal skin. Some skin types will not do well with liquid eyeshadows, while others are not suitable for cream and powder eyeshadows. Shades and tones of the eyeshadow should also compliment your skin color.

Nature of Your Eyes: The size, shape, positioning, and color of your eyes should also be a factor to consider before you chose your eyeshadow. Some will want vibrant eyeshadow shades to enhance their small eyes, while others will opt for soft colors to complement their natural eye traits.

Texture: Eyeshadows are available in liquid, cream, and powder. The consistencies of the products also vary from one to the next. Choose consistency and texture that is good for your skin type, color, and size of your eyes and the occasion.

Top 5 Eye Shadows in the Market this Year

Do you need eye shadow that can add definition to your eyes and improve your look? We have a selection of skin-safe brands in exciting colors and hues for light and dark skin. Check them out.


Glam Attack Set arrives with six pigmented liquid eye shadows. This set is a brilliant shade for your eyes to stand out, with a chance to pick from multi-colors. A two-in-one piece that acts as an eye shadow or topper. Whatever you prefer, go for it!

The set has unique features that keep you coming back for more. Glam Attack has less weight thus portable and easy to fit in the handbag. A liquid to powder form procedure that glows all day. With a silky, buildable formula that mixes well with other cosmetics. This eye shadow is an easy-to-use process.

Shake your preferred color to activate it. With care, apply using the doe-foot tool on the face area to shade or amplify. You are free to add another sheer or layer for a glow finish. The non-smear, vegan-free, waterproof, and cruelty-free set wins trust and confidence through a 30-day returnable product receipt.

  • Available in six vibrant and versatile shades with long wear.
  • Liquid eye shadows with heavy pigmentation and buildable and blendable color.
  • Smear-proof, fallout free and excellent for amplifying any look.
  • Consistency is not too good.
Our Verdict:

Glam Attack Set is a high-liquid eye shadow that comes in six shades. The beautiful piece is water and smear-proof, weightless, and buildable to last longer.

2. Stila Matte and Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Through creativity, you can design attractive shades with the right mix of shimmer and matte. The Stila brand has the right eye shadow to compliment all skin tones. Matte And Metal Eye Shadow Palette comprises six-mega metallic and six-modern matte. One major source for the shade is the triple ground pigments that mix and slide with ease on the skin.

Matte And Metal shadow last longer than other brands, with vivid colors for that dazzle eye. You can wear it wet or dry depending on reason and season. Therefore, waste no time on this easy-to-use cosmetic piece. For a striking shade mix, use the brush and apply directly to the eye area.

  • Twelve-shade palette with six modern matte and mega metallic shades.
  • Creates a smooth formula with eye-catching color combinations with no fallout.
  • Easy to use with versatile shades suitable for all skin tones.
  • A few blending issues with some shades, according to some users.
Our Verdict:

Matte And Metal is a Stila brand product that designs long-lasting and easy-to-use eye shadows. This eye cosmetic works great wet or dry, blending well with all skin tones.


Here is great unique beauty stuff by Lady Gaga and Haus Laboratories. Chromatica Album & Stupid Love is an eye shadow palette set connected with Lady Gaga’s sixth album – ‘Chromatica.’ Apart from being the music video makeover, and cover appearance, the set’s creation was for you to look ‘pop’ even at home.

Solely created to inspire music lovers, the set has 18 high-impact colors with 16 high-volume songs. This cruelty and vegan-free shade are from pure pearls and fine pigments that connect with the pop anthems. The CD style blends with a feel of silky-smooth texture. You should step out with amazing finishes of metallic sparkle, high-pigment matte, and multi-reflective designs. During application, use an eyeliner brush to have a straight and clean look.

You need to spend more time singing, thus the easy-to-use shadow. The Haus brand wants you to paint your world, as you listen to Chromatica. Create art with creativity, love, and kindness!

  • Cruelty-free vegan 18-shade palette inspired by Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album.
  • Full intensity assorted colors with silky smooth textures and metallic matte finish.
  • Easy to apply and suitable for different occasions and skin tones.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

The Chromatica set is vegan and cruelty-free eye shadow by Lady Gaga. This silky texture shade has a simple application process, made from original pearls with the finest pigments.

4. Smith & Cult Book of Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

Smith & Cult Book of Eyes is a unique eye shadow with a unique color. This amazing shade has rich quality ingredients that include highly refined powder. Other elements are clear shimmer, metallic micro-particles, and rich silky-like pigment. These origin ingredients help to bring a creamy texture feel when combined well.

To benefit more from the pigment, you can wear the shadow either wet or dry. The shadow lasts longer and is a wrinkle-free skin safe product. The formula changes to a powder-cream texture for easy application thus stays firm day and night.

One feature of this shade is an awesome suggested usage from the manufacturer. Apply from the lightest to a richer shade around the palette to create the brand’s signature.

  • 4-shade palette with infinite combinations or the perfect look.
  • Velvety-creamy texture with crease-resistant formula and ease of application.
  • Long staying power and suitable for all occasions and night or daywear.
  • The lighter colors run out quickly.
Our Verdict:

Smith & Cult Book of Eyes is an eye shadow that will maintain your look day to night. As a user, experience a creamy texture, crease-free, and long-lasting eye shadow.

5. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK the Ultimate Pallet

Laura Geller New York brand produces one of the best eye shadows in the beauty industry. With a metallic, matte finish type, your eye area is paraben-free. Therefore, if you are searching for a powerful, rich-colored palette, the delectable 14 shade well-baked eye shadow is your answer.

The shade is a modern makeup that brings out a woman’s beauty and power through facial cosmetics such as eye creams. Empower your self-esteem through shades of brilliant colors, silky textures, and the best creative formulas. Experience a smooth slide, crease-free moment during makeup application.

You can wear each color on the palette singly or in layers to create a personalized appearance. For a better finish, begin with a lighter shade (Marble). Next, mix with a richer shade from the outside of the eye corner and combine with a crease shade (Lilac) for a powerful look.

  • It comes in 31 beautiful colors allowing you to sport a different shade every day.
  • It gives you value for money as a little of the eyeshadow goes a long way.
  • You can choose to wear each shade alone or as combos for the amazing transformations.
  • The packaging does not live up to the reputation of the brand.
Our Verdict:

The Delectable 14 is a well-baked shade that gives the eye a metallic, matte finish. This eye shadow is a lightweight, silky texture form, and created from the most innovative formulas.

Final Thoughts

Eye shadows can define your eyes and improve your outlook on route to school or work. They come in multiple shades for different skin types and are relatively safe if you buy the best brand. We have reviewed a few standout brands that offer value for money.