Best Eyeliner Brushes in 2022

Eyeliner Brushes

If you love lining your eyes, you must be having a few eyeliner brushes. With the right brushes, your eyes will look beautiful and more appealing. However, if you are using low-quality products, you will look unappealing and risk ruining your eye area.

Make-up brushes and eyeliner brushes come in many sizes and shapes. Therefore, you should know what works for you to buy the best. Select an airliner brush that is affordable to you while maintaining quality. Below is a compilation of the best eyeliner brushes that you need to have in your beauty kit. Look at the list, and choose the one that suits your eyes and budget.

Are you in a hurry?

Our guide can help you to make an informed choice while shopping for eyeliner brushes. Read on for more information.

Best Overall

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Precision Eyeliner Brush

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Precision Eyeliner Brush

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK is a precise eyeliner brush that you can use to create a smoky and bold look at home. Its angled design is not only durable but also able to penetrate and groom hard-to-reach areas. It also has durable synthetic bristles with rounded tips that do not dig onto/irritate the skin. You can use it to apply dry or creamy makeup with good results.

High-End Pick

Pretty Vulgar Liner Duo Brush

Pretty Vulgar Liner Duo Brush

Pretty Vulgar is a durable synthetic brush that you can use with liquid and gel eyeliners at home. It has a compact handle that fits snug in hand. Also, its double-sided design enables you to cover a large area of apply two makeup at the same time. Clean well after use to prevent bristles from stiffening. Also, whenever you are traveling, store it in a secure area in a cosmetic bag or tote bag to prevent damage.

Budget Pick

JAPONESQUE Angled Eyeliner Brush

JAPONESQUE Angled Eyeliner Brush

JAPONESQUE is not the cheapest eyeliner brush that you will come across. However, people consider it the best cost-effective brand due to its superior quality. Its angled design can penetrate and groom hard-to-reach areas of the face. It also has soft hand-cut bristles (synthetic) that spread makeup on the face evenly without irritating or harming users.

Buying Guide for Eyeliner Brushes

To achieve excellent and flawless eye makeup, you need to blend, sweep, and swirl it in place using the most appropriate eyeliner brush. It is challenging to choose the best eyeliner brush to use for flawless eye makeup applications. This buying guide evaluates how to get the best.

Quality: Quality is essential in every product, and eyeliner brushes are no exception. Cheap and low-quality eyeliner brushes will leave streaks around your eyes have brushes falling apart. High-quality eyeliner brushes should have an appropriate shape, be firm yet soft, easy to clean and be durable.

Use: Pick an eyeliner brush design that suits your purpose because they come in varying shapes for different needs. Even though most of the brushes are for specific purposes, some are multipurpose, but that does not make them suitable for all your makeup applications.

Type/Shape/Style: Eyeliners come in the following styles and shapes meant for various uses – angled, flat, pointed. Some also come with long handles, while others have shorter ones that make them easily portable.

1. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Precision Eyeliner Brush

Finding an eyeliner brush that fits the shape of your eyes may be daunting. However, with LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Precision Eyeliner Brush, your worries have ended. This eyeliner brush will give you the perfect eyeliner look without much effort. You can get that bold, smoky, or cat-eye look with this precision eyeliner brush from LAURA GELLER.

This brush has an angled design that gives you a distinct look that you have always wanted. Using this brush has never been easier. You only swirl it in the product you are using and tap or wipe off the excess product. Then apply the product along your lash line to create a defined look. You can even blend the products to create a smoky effect.

  • Non-creamy and non-drying formula and comes with a built-in sharpener.
  • Waterproof and it stays on for long hours without running or streaking.
  • Suitable for the waterline, sensitive eyes, and oily eyelids.
  • The pigmentation is medium, which does not go well with some users.
Our Verdict:

Do not spend all day looking dull due to low-quality eyeliner brushes. With LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Brush, the story of your eyes will change. This eyeliner brush will help you achieve any look you want, from bold to smoky to cat-eye. You should not lack this handy brush in your handbag.

2. Pretty Vulgar Liner Duo Brush

Do not settle for badly shaped eyeliners just because you are busy and you cannot take the time to buy a new eyeliner brush. Looking beautiful is essential, even if you are going to the grocery store. If your eyeliner brush cannot create the look you want, why continue using it? Buy a Pretty Vulgar model now.

Pretty Vulgar Liner Duo Brush will help you get those perfect lines you have been hoping for. This double-sided eyeliner brush delivers a high-quality application.

This eyeliner brush is ideal for use with gel, liquid, or powder formulas. Using it is straightforward.

You dip the eyeliner brush into gel-based eyeliner and create the line you want. This eyeliner brush features a compact design making it easy to carry. It is a great travel companion whenever and wherever.

  • Provides high-precision application with effortless control.
  • Multipurpose brush that you can with liquid, powder, or gel formulas.
  • 2-in-1 pencil that is easy to use for both professional makeup artists and newbies.
  • Compact, easily portable, comes in elegant packaging, and makes a great gift.
  • A little pricey for its size.
Our Verdict:

Do not be a woman who settles for less just because your schedule is tight. Try to create the time to find quality eyeliner brushes for a perfect and unique look every day. With Pretty Vulgar Liner Duo Brush, your eyes will never look lazy and downcast again. Buy this eyeliner brush and walk with confidence every day. If you need to touch up your eyebrows as well, you will need the best brow brush.

3. JAPONESQUE Angled Eyeliner Brush

JAPONESQUE Angled Eyeliner Brush will never disappoint you. It will give you the best line with every single use. This eyeliner brush is a favorite among many beauty artists due to its precision shapes as it creates dramatically defined lines with great precision and control. Use this angled eyeliner brush to create a sweeping cat-eye or simple but beautiful tight-line look.

This eyeliner brush features hand-cut bristles that leave them perfectly shaped without being hard and stiff. This gives you maximum shaping power.

Since the fibers are not machine cut, this eyeliner brush remains soft to give you an easy time while using it. This eyeliner brush is easy to clean and maintain. It features synthetic fibers that allow for easy and hassle-free application.

  • Soft yet synthetic solid and vegan-friendly bristles.
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain and a favorite among beauty professionals.
  • Angled bristles ideal for creating dramatic wings and sharp lines effortlessly.
  • It has a long handle that makes it hard to fit the brush in small makeup bags.
Our Verdict:

JAPONESQUE products are top of the list in the beauty industry. Therefore, with this high-end eyeliner brush, you will not worry about your lines again. This angled brush will give you the look you want. In addition, this hand-cut brush ensures you look beautiful all day long and fits comfortably in hand while in use.

4. Jane Iredale Bent Liner Brush, Graphite

Jane Iredale Bent Liner Brush is here to offer you the perfect lines without a hassle. This synthetic angled eyeliner brush is everything you have been looking for. It allows for flawless application. Using this brush will make your eyes look extremely beautiful. This will make you a natural beauty and give you confidence as you walk along the streets. This graphite-based eyeliner brush creates an extremely thin line. Therefore, if you do not like the bold, eye-catching look, this eyeliner is perfect for you.

You can use it with gel eyeliners to create a thin line as you desire. Do not use it to apply eyeshadow, though. The best eyeshadow brushes often do a better job.

  • Synthetic and vegan-friendly soft yet potent bristles.
  • Multipurpose eyeliner brush that you can also use as an eyebrow brush.
  • Beautiful rose gold-colored handle that adds color to your makeup bag.
  • A little pricier than others of the same kind.
Our Verdict:

Not all people like and cat-eye looks. Some people like simple, beautiful, and reserved eyeliners. If you are that person, do not hesitate to buy this graphite-based bent eyeliner brush by Jane Iredale. It will give you a very thin line that will make your eyes incredibly beautiful and simple at the same time.

5. By Terry Angled Eyeliner Brush

Are you tired of poorly shaped eyeliners? Get the eyeliners you desire with this By Terry Angled Eyeliner Brush. This ultra-fine brush allows you to trace the contour of the eye with great precision. With this eyeliner brush, you will never again worry about the shape of your eyeliners.

It is easy to use and clean. In addition, its compact construction makes it ideal for travel. After using this eyeliner brush, you must clean it using the right formula to get rid of the residue. In addition, cleaning removes all bacteria that may be harmful to your eyes.

  • Provides high precision lining with its ultra-fine construction.
  • Glides the formula effortlessly without any smudges.
  • Suitable for both professional makeup artists and DIY makeup application.
  • The price is on the higher side.
Our Verdict:

For perfect eyeliners, this By Terry Angled Eyeliner Brush will give you a look of your lifetime. This angled brush traces all the contours of your eyes and creates a shape to suit your eyes. Therefore, if you are looking for high-end eyeliners that will serve you for long problem-free, this is the best brush to buy.

Final Thoughts

A beauty enthusiast needs an eyeliner brush and a storage bag to apply makeup professionally. Both are available online with the few reviewed herein ranked among the best. Thus, if you struggle to apply make-up seamlessly at home, we have done the legwork for you. Check the available ones and review features to know whether they can work for you.