Best Facial Toners & Astringents in 2022

Facial Toners & Astringents

Are you struggling to find the facial toners & astringents for facial treatment? This article has perfect skincare solutions. Every day before you retire to bed, use a healthy toner to clear cleanser remains and impurities from your skin’s surface. If you have sensitive or oily or acne-prone skin, you need to find an excellent astringent to help open pores and remove excess oils. Today, there are various kinds of facial toners and astringents in the beauty market. However, most find it challenging to pick the right quality, but not anymore. Here is a comprehensive review to guide you on the best brands.

Are you in a hurry?

Toners clean and even skin tone, while astringents open skin pores and remove excess oils. Thus, used together, you will have soft and even-toned skin that does not feel greasy at all. Therefore, while shopping for skincare tools and skincare sets for routine use, do not hesitate to buy a facial toner and astringent as well. The best are:

Best Overall

Balancing Lavender ELEMIS Toner

Balancing Lavender ELEMIS Toner

Balancing Lavender ELEMIS is an alcohol-free toner that can clean dirt and clarify the skin to boost its looks. It comes in a long lasting 6.7 fluid ounce container that is easy to transport. A soothing scent leaves the skin smelling great, while its creamy formula has skin-safe, all-natural ingredients. These include sweet betty flower, high alpine lavender, and Quillja wood, which rebalance the pH level of the skin naturally. They do not irritate the skin and penetrate deep into cells to deliver quick and long-lasting results. ELEMIS works on sensitive skin.

High-End Pick

Soothing Apricot Toner ELEMIS Toner

Soothing Apricot Toner ELEMIS Toner

ELMIS is a skin-soothing apricot toner that does not contain alcohol and other harsh additives. Therefore, it treats and calms the skin without irritation. It can also balance pH and leave the skin feeling fresh calm, soft, and with a radiant complexion. Packaged in a 6.7-ounce bottle, the product lasts for long. It also contains a rich blend of natural ingredients, key among them being sweet betty flower, saponins, and apricot extracts. These cleanse, moisturize, and enrich the skin with minerals that leave a natural and radiant texture on all skin types.

Budget Pick

Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Toner

Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Toner

Murad Environmental Shield is a vitamin c-rich toner for cleansing, refreshing, and hydrating the skin naturally. It can also restore pigmented or damaged skin and can ease signs of aging occasioned by environmental stress. Fine lines and wrinkles, for instance, are non-issues with Murad in hand. The product does not contain sulfates, paraben, and gluten, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Instead, you get a rich blend of Vitamin C & E, which not only hydrate the skin but also balance pH to improve looks.

Buying Guide for Facial Toners and Astringents

The build-up of dirt and oil on your face inhibits normal aeration and excretion. Dirt and oil block your skin’s pores which can lead to breakouts and acne. You, therefore, need to clean your face deeply to open the pores and get rid of dead skin. Facial toners and astringents do a good job of providing the desired deep cleansing. The ideal facial toners and astringents should exhibit the properties described in this buying guide.

Safety: Besides achieving a beautiful look, your skin needs to stay healthy and safe. The toners and astringent you choose for your face should therefore contain safe ingredients. The ingredients should also be present in the right amounts to avoid harming your skin.

Effectiveness: The main reason behind getting a facial toner and astringent is cleaning your face off all dirt and grease. The products you go for should thus be capable of getting rid of all the dirt and opening skin pores. Read users reviews and testimonials to know the best facial toner and astringent worth spending your money on.

Comfort: The ideal facial toner and astringent will be comfortable to use. It should not irritate your skin, nose, and eyes nor leave the skin dry or cause discomfort.

Top 5 Facial Toners and Astringents in the Market

Facial Toners and Astringents improve the outlook of the skin naturally. They not only even skin tone but also restore optimal moisture and pH balance to boost health. While using quality bath soaps, sunscreen, and body scrubs can boost skin health, do not hesitate to buy toners and astringents as well. Here are the best brands:

1. Balancing Lavender ELEMIS Toner

Balancing Lavender is an alcohol-free facial toner from the ELEMIS brand. Hence, it clarifies your complexion by removing unwanted dirt and cleanser remains, rating it top skincare. Therefore, it leaves your face not only feeling refreshed but also soothed and purified.

The toner has a lightweight of 6.7 fluid ounces; thus, it is portable and easy to carry around in your cosmetic bag or pocket. These High Alpine Lavender, Sweet Betty Flower, and Quillja Wood are extracts that aid to re-balance the pH level. Thus, being a perfect fit for most skin types, it provides a clear, softer, and fresher feel with no irritation. Furthermore, it also boosts hydration penetrating deep as it sets the skin to absorb moisture.

Besides gaining more confidence and trust, the clinical trial also affirms your safety. Therefore, it is a safe, comfortable, and protective kit for the skin/ face.

  • It contains Saponins extract from Quillaja wood that cleanses your face.
  • Sweet Betty flower extract balances your skin’s pH levels.
  • Ginseng evens your skin tone and soothes your tight and dry skin.
  • The concentrated formula aggravates sensitive skin and irritates.
Our Verdict:

Balancing Lavender is an alcohol-free facial toner that clears all cleanser residues and impurities. It is comfortable, soft, safe, and non-irritation.

2. Soothing Apricot Toner ELEMIS Toner

Soothing Apricot is a non-alcohol calming treatment that tones the face. Besides using no harsh detergents to cure the skin, it also aids in balancing the pH level. Therefore, it leaves the skin soft, calm, fresh, and with a radiant complexion. It is also portable, with a lightweight of 6.7 fluid ounces, thus easy to pack and fit in the pocket or bag.

The natural-rich skincare has skin-loving ingredients, such as Saponins, Sweet Betty Flower, and Apricot Extracts. Hence, they enrich the skin with minerals to cleanse, moisturize, and soothe, resulting in a radiant and fresh texture. The toner also aids skincare sets to penetrate deep into the skin. Therefore, there is no dryness, irritating sensitive, or delicate skin.

If you need a clinically tested product, look no further than this ELEMIS brand skincare item. With this calming treatment toner, the body and skin are safe and healthy!

  • Saponins improve skin activities, increasing the toners cleansing ability.
  • Hexyl Cinnamal gives the toner a pleasant floral fragrance.
  • You will be safe from bug stings and obtain relief from scabies, thanks to the presence of Benzyl Benzoate.
  • The formula does not moisturize your skin and requires you to apply a moisturizer.
Our Verdict:

ELEMIS Soothing Apricot is a facial toner that calms the skin without harsh or alcoholic elements. It is non-aggressive, soothing, refreshing, and safe to use on the skin.

3. Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Toner

Environmental Shield Essential is a hydrating and refreshing toner from the Murad brand. This unique product treats any skin damage and prevents pigmentation. It also revives back strained skin caused by stressful environmental conditions. Therefore, it is the best skincare to restore moisture and balance pH levels without using aggressive detergents.

On the other hand, it has Essential-C enrichment with anti-oxidant energies that enhances a bright and even tone. Thus, it brings back moisture to hydrate for a perfect glow and radiant surface.

Apart from orange fruit, it has coneflower extracts and even Vitamin C & E to protect and refresh the skin. Therefore, it is a natural product, free from harmful elements like sulfates, paraben, and gluten.

This toner has a durable and easy-to-use BPA-free plastic container. It weighs six fluid ounces, thus easy to pack and travel around in your bag or pocket.

  • It contains Arginine that relieves and restores your skin from visible damage.
  • Bitter orange extract protects your skin from damage by fighting free radicles.
  • Bitter orange extract protects your skin from damage by fighting free radicles.
  • The formula is watered down and not easy to apply evenly.
Our Verdict:

Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Toner is a great facial refreshing and hydrating tone. It is also safe, intense, and pure.

4. Rehydrating Ginseng ELEMIS Toner

Rehydrating Ginseng is an advanced skincare tone from the ELEMIS brand that refreshes and re-hydrates the skin. Are you struggling to get a unique toner that preserves the natural oils? Here is a kit that uses no aggressive or alcohol elements. It also nourishes and even re-balances the skin’s pH level; thus, it is suitable for dehydrated, dry skin types. The active ingredients include Ginseng, Sweet Betty Flower, and Saponins, which help remove excess dirt, impurities, and makeup. This formula produces a pure product that is non-irritation after cleansing.

Hence, leaving the skin hydrated and with a radiant facial appearance. These natural elements help boost moisture to dry skin and leave it both re-hydrated and refreshed.

This lightweight toner weighs 6.8 fluid ounces with a non-leak-proof package. Therefore, it is easy to pack, carry along, and use while on the go.

  • It has antioxidant properties that calm and sensitizes skin, thanks to the Limonene ingredient.
  • Citronellol gives it a low permeability, improving skin tolerability.
  • Propylene Glycol improves your skin’s moisture retention, keeping it well hydrated.
  • It has a strong smell that may irritate you and the people around you.
Our Verdict:

ELEMIS Rehydrating Ginseng is a facial toner that removes excess dirt, makeup, and unwanted build-ups. This advanced skincare product is natural, non-alcohol, and portable.

5. StriVectin Advanced Acids Toner

Tri-Phase Daily Glow is an advanced glow toner from the StriVectin brand. For instance, it is a perfect match that combines to restore, hydrate, and make the skin even immediately after cleansing. Hence, a 3-in-1 daily toner is a secret step to a dewy and glowing skin finish. First, the oil, second is the water, and last is the milk phase that helps to soften, rebuild clarity, and refine the skin.

The clinically proven power formula has botanical extracts and acids combined into the above three-phase formula to deliver a visible finish. Therefore, this TRIFECTA of powerhouse acids leaves a nourished and brightened tone that flavors all skin types. However, with continuous use, the toner penetrates fast and with a more radiant glow. Furthermore, the product is lightweight, measuring five fluid ounces. Therefore, making it a portable and hustle-free item that is easy to pack and convenient to use anywhere and anytime.

  • Sodium Chloride herein scrubs your skin gently, exfoliating it.
  • It protects your skin against UV radiation, thanks to the presence of Beta-Carotene.
  • Vitamin E rich soybean oil protects your skin against dryness and inflammation.
  • Ethylhexylglycerin component can irritate skin and eyes.
Our Verdict:

StriVectin Tri-Phase Daily Glow is an advanced 3-1 power toner to restore, hydrate, and soften the skin. It is clinically proven, safe for all skin types, and a daily use product.

Final Thoughts

You will need a toner and astringent to open skin pores, hydrate cells, and even skin tone over time. They also leave the skin feeling soft and looking young without irritation if you can find a quality brand and use it as needed. The five brands in our review offer these benefits.