Best False Eyelashes & Adhesives in 2022

Are you looking for false eyelashes & adhesives? False eyelashes come in different lengths and types that you can trim to your preferred size. They can be silk, synthetic fibers, natural hair, and many more. Most need adhesive glue for attachment, while others are magnetic. These false eyelashes have a lightweight texture and give you a natural look- so you can use them without feeling any heaviness on your lashes. Besides, their application technology is nowadays easier for beginners. We talk about the best in the market this year.

Are you in a hurry?

False eyelashes and adhesives can help to draw attention to your face and improve your overall outlook as a result. They are easy to wear and remove at home. They also blend well with eye shadows, mascara, and eyebrow colors and are easy to style using eyelash curlers. Here are some of the best brands:

Best Overall

Eylure Naturals False Lashes, Style No. 003

Eylure Naturals False Lashes, Style No. 003

Eylure Naturals Style No. 003 is a pair of lightweight eyelashes that blend well with natural ones to create a glamorous look. They suit most occasions and are quick to wear and remove, making them suitable for routine use. You can trim these lashes to complement your eye shape or provide a unique experience outdoors. This is an all-in-one package. Apart from these natural eyelashes, you get a lightweight and skin-safe glue for fixing them to eyelids. Like the lashes, the glue has a light texture, which is non-irritant. It works on all skin types.

High-End Pick

Ardell 5 Count Wispies Black Strip Lashes

Ardell 5 Count Wispies Black Strip Lashes

Growing long and luscious lashes take a long time. However, strip lashes such as Ardell deliver instant results without irritation or harm. The package has five pairs of reusable eyelashes, each made from natural human hair. Thus, they not only blend well with natural hair but are also comfortable to use as they are light. Each has an invisible band for support. You can also wear and style them whichever way you like to suit your personality or the event that you will be attending.

Budget Pick

DYSILK 7 Pairs 6D Mink Eyelashes

DYSILK 7 Pairs 6D Mink Eyelashes

DYSILK is a pair of seven six-dimensional mink eyelashes. Each one has lightweight synthetic fabrics that do not dig into the skin nor irritate users. They perfectly fit most eyes and blend with natural lashes to provide a clean look. They also have long and trimmable designs that you can customize to deliver your preferred look. Clip them with a pair of scissors to your preferred length and wear them as recommended. You can recycle these eyelashes up to 10 times. They are also compatible with most eyelash adhesives found in stores.

Buying Guide for False Eyelashes & Adhesives

False eyelashes and adhesives add glamour to any look.  However, while shopping, knowing what to look for in a pair of false eyelashes is daunting for many people. The following buying guide will help you to know the factors to consider before purchasing the best false eyelashes and adhesives.

Ease of Use and Comfort: False eyelash application is not an easy beauty application task to perform especially as a DIY. However, high-quality brands come with adhesives, brushes, and wands that make application easy. You should also ensure that you could wear the eyelashes for long hours without any discomfort. Look for eyelashes made with non-irritating material and if you want more comfort, find lash adhesives with soothing ingredients such as chamomile.

Appearance: After application, the false eyelash adhesives should look seamless and as natural as possible. The glue holding the lashes in place should not be visible and it should not leave any residues on the lashes. You will need eyeliner brushes and eyelash curlers to have a smooth and stylish finish.

Long Lasting: Reliable and quality eyelash adhesives should not fall or come loose when you are wearing them. They should stay secure on the eyelids for 16 to 24 hours comfortably. If you want longer-lasting eyelashes, you should ensure that they are waterproof so that the adhesive does not come out.

Top 5 Best False Eyelashes & Adhesives in 2022

Are you looking to prop the look of your natural eyelashes with a pair of false ones? These premium brands are among the best:

1. Eylure Naturals False Lashes, Style No. 003

If you are trying to achieve the “admire-my-lashes” look, then Eylure Naturals False Lashes is the best item to buy yourself. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also stunning and blend well with your natural eyelashes for a glamorous look. You can wear them all day long for any occasion without feeling any heaviness.

The falsies come with non-irritating clear glue for attaching them to your eye line. The glue is also lightweight, so it will not cause puffiness. Moreover, the invisible band ensures that no one notices the addition and gives you a natural look.

This pack includes a pair of long-lasting and reusable lashes. Therefore, so you can enjoy that natural look for a more extended period. It also comes with its glue, saving on your cost.

  • Lightweight with a natural fullness and easy to use even for first-time users.
  • Includes non-irritating and invisible lash glue that keeps the lashes securely in place.
  • You can reuse the lashes as many times as you want to provide you with value for money.
  • Some users feel the ashes are too thin.
Our Verdict:

If you are a first-time false lashes user, Eylure Naturals False Lashes will give your lashes a perfect look. They are lightweight, and you can cut them to your desired length for a more natural and glamorous look. Additionally, they have a clear band and come with non-irritating clear glue.

2. Ardell 5 Count Wispies Black Strip Lashes

Do you want to give your lashes an extra length? Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes are your ideal solution. Made from 100%natural human hair, these falsies will blend well with your natural eyelashes for a completely new and more natural look.

The design features a shorter length in the inner corners and longer lashes on the outer corners, which give your eyes a flattering and non-irresistible look. These lashes have a lightweight design that makes your eyelashes look longer and naturally fuller, so you can wear them without feeling any additional weight. Besides, the invisible band perfectly matches your natural lash line for a flawless fit.

Each pack has five pairs of reusable lashes that you can wear for any occasion. This ensures that you never miss a suitable pair for your wedding, party, girls-day-out, or date. Unfortunately, the set does not come with its glue, meaning you have to purchase it separately.

  • They come in a flattering shape that matches the shape of the eye perfectly.
  • Available in a value pack containing 5 pairs of reusable lashes.
  • Made with natural human hair and they are easy to apply.
  • The set does not come with glue.
Our Verdict:

This eyelashes set has five pairs of reusable lashes and comes at an affordable price. Moreover, they have a featherweight design with the inner lashes being shorter and the outer longer for a more natural eye-opening effect.

3. DYSILK 7 Pairs 6D Mink Eyelashes

If you are looking for much at a lesser price, these eyelashes are among the best false eyelashes you can get in the market today. This set includes seven pairs of eyelashes made from ultra-light synthetic fibers that are soft and perfectly fit with your natural eyelashes, giving you a seamless and natural look. You can also easily trim these long lashes to attain your preferred length.

With the 6D design, these lashes are lightweight and soft, ensuring that you stand out during your girls-day-out, date, wedding, and other occasions. They are comfortable to wear, and you will not feel and additional weight on your lashes.

Amazingly, they are easy to apply and can be used up to 10 times when well cared for. Although this set does not come with its glue, it is compatible with ordinary eyelashes glue. A small amount of glue is enough to get them fixed in the shortest time possible.

  • High-quality and ultra-thin reusable lashes made with synthetic fibers.
  • Lightweight, soft, comfortable, and easy to apply even for first-time users.
  • Available in varying styles to suit your style preferences.
  • The set does not come with glue or any other tools besides the lashes.
Our Verdict:

These 6D lashes are made from ultra-lightweight synthetic fibers and easy to apply. They are also soft and fluffy and have a durable design that you can recycle ten times. You can wear them on different occasions such as weddings, dates, and parties.

4. Arishine 5 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

If you love the dramatic eyelashes look, then this 3D Magnetic Eyelashes Kit will work for you. The set includes five pairs with different styles that you can wear on most occasions. These lashes are also reusable. Thus, so you can use them up to 10 times.

The set also comes with magnetic eyeliner. Besides, the lashes are lightweight with a comfortable design, so you will not feel any extra weight on your lashes when you wear them.

Moreover, the lashes are made from premium quality silk material that is cruelty-free and paraben-free, ensuring that they are non-irritant and do not cause any allergic reaction.

Whatever your eyes shape, these magnetic lashes ensure that they give you a fluttery and glamorous look. They are also easy to apply without adhesive glue.

  • Long lasting and reusable magnetic eyelashes available in five different pairs.
  • Made with silk with a lightweight design and a natural look on the eyelids.
  • You do not need any adhesive glue to secure them in place.
  • They are not waterproof and hard to remove.
Our Verdict:

These falsies will give your lashes an extra length with fullness and a more natural look. They are lightweight and comfortably fit the shape of your eyes. The 3D magnetic design makes it easy to apply without the adhesive glue.

5. EVERMARKET INC. 3D False Eyelashes

Evermarket 3D False Eyelashes are 100% handmade from the imported durable fiber. These faux lashes feature a soft texture that you can easily trim to your desired length for a comfortable fit. With a 15mm thickness, they are lightweight and do not feel heavy when worn daily. Furthermore, you can use them for parties, weddings, and other different occasions.

Each pack contains five pairs of durable, long lashes that you can use up to 10 times with proper care. They are also non-irritant and easy to apply. Unfortunately, the pack does not include adhesive glue, but you can use any professional eyelash glue for an instant application.

  • High-quality handmade lashes made with premium imported soft fiber.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear with a thick and long design for the most natural look.
  • Available in five pairs with long lasting wear and you can reuse them up to ten times.
  • The set does not come with glue.
Our Verdict:

These eyelashes are soft and comfortable on your eyes. They offer a natural look with their extraordinary length and width. They also give a flawless and attractive look. Their ultra-thin fibers are comfortable to wear and are ideal for weddings, photoshoots, night outs, and daily use. Read about the best eyeliners.

Final Thoughts

Developing long and luscious eyelashes is not as hard as some people think. All you need is a pair of false eyelashes and adhesive, the best of which we have reviewed herein. They work on most skin types. They are also light and made from synthetic or natural fabrics that do not irritate the skin.