Best Fat Burners for Women in 2022

Fat Burners

The best fat burners for women are in demand due to the ability to fast-track weight loss safely at home. Formulated as capsules, they are easy to use. They also induce faster weight loss in the following ways. First, fat burners contain natural ingredients that speed up the metabolic system. This in turn induces lipolysis – a process where the body breaks down fats into fatty acids (three) and glycerol via the action of an enzyme called lipase.

Once broken, the body releases glycerol and fatty acids through the bloodstream, inducing weight loss. The best fat burners can also suppress appetite. You will eat less during mealtime, lowering calorie intake, and stopping weight gain. In this article, we have reviewed the best brands for women.

Are you in a hurry?

Fat burning is a slow and meticulous process that needs dedication and as much help as you can get. Fat burners, for instance, boost the metabolic rate of humans, enabling them to break down calories quicker. They also curb appetite and boost the energy levels of users, enabling them to exercise for long and shed weight.

Best Overall


Leanbean Pill

Leanbean has a cocktail of natural ingredients that tackle weight loss from different angles. Konjac fiber, for instance, boosts energy levels. As such, while using a treadmill or any other workout equipment, you can go for longer to shed weight. It also contains coffee bean extracts, a natural supplement that boosts metabolism, and zinc, and vitamin B67/12 that suppresses appetite. The product does not contain additives such as preservatives and is therefore considered safe for humans.

High-End Pick



PhenGold is a clinically proven weight loss product with organic ingredients. Each package has 90 capsules, each with the following components – 500 grams of green tea, 250 grams of L-Theanine, 250mg of Rhodiola, and 250 mg of coffee extracts. Together, they not only boost the metabolic rate of the body but curb hunger. They also boost energy levels and enhance good psychological wellness among users. However, this is not a quick fix for weight gain. It takes time/effort to be effective.

Budget Pick

Dioxyme Fat Loss

Dioxyme Fat Loss

Dioxyme is a package of 60 non-GMO capsules in a portable bottle made from BPA-free plastic. The bottle has a screw top that prevents spillage or contamination at home or in transit. Back to the capsule, you get natural extracts of organic plants that boost thermogenesis naturally. They also have a soft gel structure made from a tasteless vegetable extract. Thus, because they are not bitter, swallowing is easy. Dioxyme weight loss supplement is a unisex product. Men and women can use it.

Buying Guide for Fat Burners for Women

Have you bought a few brands of fat burners for women that have failed to work? Do you experience adverse side effects whenever you use a supplement that you bought on a budget online? Chances are that you bought a low-grade product that is unsuitable for your condition or failed to research well while shopping. Specify a budget, identify two or more good stores, check these features to get the best one:

Ingredients: Many synthetic fat burners are available in web and brick-and-mortar stores. Even though effective in a short time, long-term health complications are common, which beats the logic of using them. To lose weight gradually and safely, look for a product with 100% safe ingredients. Extracts should be organic and derived for plants such as coffee and Rhodiola. Additives such as B vitamins and minerals are also ideal, as studies have demonstrated their role in weight loss.

Mode of Action: Fat burners use different modes of action to induce natural weight loss. Appetite suppressants stop you from eating more than you need, inducing weight loss in the end. Others boost thermogenesis or boost energy levels, which enables you to work out for longer. If you do not like exercising, therefore, buying a product that only boosts energy levels might not be of help in the end. For the best results, look for a product that tackles weight loss for more than one angle.

Formula: Does the product you are planning to buy come packaged as capsules or powders. From the customer experiences shared online, it seems like capsules are the most popular because they are easy to use. They are not as bitter as powdered formulae are. Also, they have pre-weighed and standardized formulae that work faster without straining the liver or kidneys. Powdered formulae work best with shakes and smoothies. They cost less money but require a bit of effort to use well.

Safety: As much as losing weight has a positive effect on self-perception and health you should not sacrifice personal safety at all costs. The product you order and use should not contain additives such as preservatives as they are harmful to health.

The Best Fat Burners for Women in the Market

Fat burners offer a natural avenue for weight loss, embraced by tens of women and men worldwide. Here are some natural brands that have served women/ men well.

1. Leanbean

The Leanbean is a cocktail of natural plant extracts blended to help people to lose weight naturally. These natural ingredients work in several ways. They lower hunger pangs. This lowers calorie intake and therefore weight gain. It also contains Konjac fiber – an energy booster that increases activity level.

Leanbean also contains choline, zinc, green coffee beans, and vitamin B67/12 that suppress appetite and boost the metabolic rate of the body. Leanbean does not contain coffee or tea extracts are therefore is non-stimulant.

  • The product does not contain coffee extracts and this is non-stimulant.
  • Its natural ingredients are effective and easy to tolerate.
  • Vitamin B, zinc, and choline additives boost its efficacy.
  • The natural supplement is not suitable for men.
Our Verdict:

Leanbean can suppress appetite and boosts your body’s metabolic rate to induce faster weight loss. The product is safe and easy to use.

2. PhenGold

PhenGold has a clinically proven formula with organic weight loss extracts for shedding weight. Each capsule contains 500mg of green tea extracts, which contain catechins that boost metabolism. However, green tea also contains caffeine, which might frustrate people who are sensitive to caffeine. L-Theanine (250mg) stops fat gain, while Rhodiola extracts (250mg) and green coffee extracts (250mg) improve mental health and lower glucose and fat absorption respectively.

By targeting fat loss from different angles, the product can help you attain your desired weight. Because the ingredients are natural, they are also safe for humans. Each package of PhenGold contains 90 capsules in a plastic container that you can carry with you in your purse or backpack while traveling.

  • 90 capsules each with a clinically proven and effective formula.
  • The fast-absorbing formula is effective and 100% safe.
  • Tackles weight loss from multiple angles and thus delivers quicker results.
  • The product might not be suitable for people who are sensitive to cocaine.
Our Verdict:

PhenGold can deliver long lasting results without harm to users or the environment. It is affordable and ideal for women and men.

3. Dioxyme Fat Loss

What should you expect from the Dioxyme Fat Loss supplement? The company markets it as one of the best weight loss supplements for women and men due to the mix of natural ingredients used. Each package contains 60 non-GMO capsules (vegetable) with a fat loss formula. During exercise or rest, the extracts help the body to burn excess calories naturally by inducing thermogenesis. They suppress appetite and lower calorie intake and thus helps users to keep weight off for long. You should exfoliate often and use body oils as well to improve your overall look.

  • The vegetable capsules in the package are easy to swallow.
  • It boosts thermogenesis to stimulate faster weight loss.
  • The mix of natural ingredients in its formula are safe for humans.
  • Costs slightly more than other products in this niche.
Our Verdict:

Dioxyme Fat Loss will help you to lose weight by curbing hunger and boosting your metabolic rate and thermogenesis. It is non-GMO, making it safe for women. It is also gluten-free and offers long lasting results.

4. Powher

Powher has formulated this supplement to be able to satisfy the requirements of most women. According to the manufacturer, it can flatten bulging stomachs. Also, users might have a boost in their self-confidence if they achieve their desired look. Available as capsules and in powdered form, this natural supplement is rich in vitamin B6/ B12, taurine, and Beta-alanine. It also contains tyrosine, coconut water, and natural caffeine that work together to suppress hunger and turbo-boost the body’s metabolic rate. They also improve endurance, alertness, and concentration.

  • The product comes in powdered and capsule form, each easy to use.
  • Contains safe additives including vitamin B6/ B12, taurine, and Beta-alanine.
  • It not only boosts the metabolic rate of users but also suppresses hunger.
  • This fat burner for women contains GMO ingredients, which is a bummer.
Our Verdict:

Powher is a trusted pre-workout supplement that can boost mood, induce weight loss, and enhances concentration at home. It comes as a powder or capsules and is safe for most women (and even men).

5. Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

Gone are the days when people had to spend hours in the gym and or fast to shed excess pounds. Products such as the Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner do a better job as they are cheaper, safe, ideal for most people. The weight loss product comes in a package of two, each with 200 capsules. Each capsule contains extracts of green tea (400 mg) and EGCGs that suppress hunger and boost thermogenesis to induce quick weight loss. The capsules are soft gel and therefore easy to swallow. They come in a leak-proof pack (BPA-free plastic) that prolongs their shelf life.

  • The leak-proof plastic packaging retains freshness for long.
  • 200 capsules fortified with organic green tea extracts (400 mg per capsule).
  • Capsules have a tasteless, soft gel structure that is easy to swallow.
  • The slow-acting formula requires a bit of effort to be effective.
Our Verdict:

Applied Nutrition contains green tea extracts that suppress hunger and boost the metabolic rate of the body, leading to weight loss. The fast-acting capsules have non-irritant soft gels that most users like.

Final Thoughts

Medical procedures such as liposuction can help you to lose body fat with the snap of a finger. It is expective though and offers temporary results without lifestyle change. Fat burners are slow-acting but safer. They are suitable for women and men and lack synthetic additives that might harm you or the environment. Consider using one.