How to Care for your Nails

How to Care for your Nails

Caring for the nails is a frustrating venture for millions of women all over the world. As a result, many cakes their nails with thick layers of polish to hide flaws and improve their overall look. This should not be the case. If you do not have money to pay a professional to take care of your nails for you, read on. We share some of the nest nail care tips below.

Hydrate Cuticles

The cuticle also referred to as the nail bed, is a layer of skin on the bottom edge of nails that prevents infections. The area is delicate. It is also prone to drying out and losing its core function of protecting the nail if you do not care for it well. Therefore, to maintain strong and healthy nails, one of the best strategies should be to keep the cuticle as healthy as possible. Use nail treatments to soothe the region and thereby boost the ability of nails to resist infections. Cuticle care products are equally effective and therefore should form part of the nail care accessories in your cosmetic bag.

If you cannot afford such commercial products, effective natural remedies are many in homes. Use them effectively. Natural oils such as sunflower oil and almond oil work great. They are gentle on the skin and nourish cuticles naturally.

Protect your Nails

We expose the nails to bath soaps while showering and shampoos while caring for the hair. Such products can contain chemicals that can discolour the nails or make them brittle and susceptible to chipping. Therefore, the next goal should be to protect your nails from physical and chemical damage whenever you are working, playing, and grooming. A pair of comfortable rubber gloves will do wonders for you. They are very flexible and therefore will not restrict how your work or groom at home. The best part is that rubber gloves can also protect your nails from chemicals, harmful rays, and physical impact, which are the leading cause of nail damage,

Consider Using Biotin

We champion eating a natural and well-balanced diet in our article on how to keep your nails healthy. What we did not stress is the plethora of benefits that using biotin has on your nails. Recommended for men and women alike, the nutritional supplement can strengthen the nail. This boosts their overall structure and lowers the risks of nails chipping or breaking while grooming and/or handling household chores. Before using a medical product, we recommend that you consult a doctor or physician and check its efficacy. Use a safe product, clinically tested to deliver long lasting results.

Eliminate Bad Behaviours

Whilst stressed, most of us chew nails or tap our nails on hard surfaces such as tables and walls. If you are conscious of nail health, try as much as possible to get rid of such bad behaviour. Keep your nails away from teeth. This way, you will not only maintain clean and well-manicured nails but also lower the risk of infections. Drink a cup of tea instead.

Keep your Nails Short

Many women who have tried to maintain over long nails have failed miserably in the end. If you are one of them, remember that you do not have to maintain long nails to look good. To prevent damage, trim and shape your nail often to stop them from growing out of shape. Clean your nail often. Trim them with a pair of sharp clippers to add definition and style and only use safe nail care treatment, cuticle care, and nail polish. If you love long nails, use the best fake nails instead.

Comfortable Footwear

Nails endure more abuse than other parts of the body. However, the nails of the feet fair even worse. Most of us do not groom them as often as we do the nails on our fingers. We also cram them in tight-fitting or uncomfortable shoes, which disfigure them over time. To prevent such issues, make changes to your footwear today. Always wear comfortable shoes that will not disfigure or damage your nails. They should be breathable too to prevent infection.

We have shared a plethora of nail care tips ranging from eating a healthy diet to wearing comfortable shoes. We swear by these tips. Use them to boost nail health naturally.