Best Makeup Brush Sets in 2022

Makeup Brush Sets

Good makeup brush sets will help enhance your appearance. Makeup brushes are the dark horse of any makeup routine. However, most often, people underestimate them. Some people choose to use their fingers, hands, or pieces of clothes to apply their makeup to save money and time. How awkward! What will be the outcome? Sadly, the makeup will not reach its full potential. Every beauty enthusiast needs a quality brush set to apply their makeup right on their face, eyes, and eyebrows.

This article has reviewed the ten best makeup brush sets in 2022 that you can buy regardless of your budget.

Are you in a hurry?

Shopping for the best make-up items such as make-up brush sets in a hurry is a challenge for most people. If you are one of them, we have a solution for you. We have reviewed the best in this niche.

Best Overall

BS-MALL Makeup Brush set

BS-MALL Makeup Brush set

BS-MALL is a perfect gift for people who apply makeup often and need a new make-up brush set. The set has 14 brushes of different sizes and shapes. Each has comfortable bristles and a sturdy handle that fits snug in hand while in use. They do not slip not irritate users, which makes them ideal for beginners. Each brush also has an antibacterial property. They do not culture bacteria, which are the leading cause of skin irritation and injuries.

High-End Pick

BEAKY Makeup Brush Set

BEAKY Makeup Brush Set

With BEAKY, expect an ultra-smart synthetic brush set for applying professional makeup at home. The bristles have a non-porous design that holds large quantities of make-up. As such, the application is quicker and easier without irritation. Handles are long and comfortable. Also, you get two flat bottom sponges that you can use to groom your forehead and cheeks with excellent results. BEAKY is an excellent gift item for women in general.

Budget Pick

BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set

BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set

Are you planning to upgrade from your simple brush set to a professional set? BESTOPE Makeup Brush set features five big brushes and 11 eyebrows and eyes makeup brushes, each made from high-quality wood and ferrule material that gives your hand excellent grip while applying the makeup. These brushes have smooth and dense bristles that ensure proper makeup application. They are gentle on the skin and last for years if cared for well.

Buyer’s Guide for Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are a significant investment for any makeup enthusiast. Good quality brushes are costly, but they can last for many years if you clean and care for them properly. Here are several things to consider when looking for a makeup brush.

Brush Bristles: These are natural or synthetic bristles, and they should feel smooth or soft. Some bristles may feel firmer due to their shape, but they should not be stiff. Before you buy the brush, test its smoothness by running it across your wrist or elbow area. If it feels stiff, it will feel uncomfortable for you or your clients.

Brush Head Shape: Makeup brushes come in a variety of shapes specially designed for a particular application. The common shapes include square/angled, chisel, pointed, round, or kabuki. It is essential to know the use of each shape to use it appropriately.

Brush Handle: The makeup brush handle can be designed using metal, acrylic, wood, or wood composite, etc. the handle should be comfortable and balanced when you use it. Also, it should not feel too light or too heavy. The handle can improve the performance of a brush or make the process uncomfortable. So, make sure you choose the best quality. If the makeup brush has a wood or wood composite handle, avoid submerging it in water. This is because the porous material easily absorbs water which may damage it.

The 5 Best Makeup Brush Sets in the Market this Year

Do not gamble with any cheap makeup brush set if you are conscious of your health or looks. These top-rated brands will serve you better.

1. BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set

Do you intend to give your mom, wife, female friend, or beauty enthusiast a gift? We have a brilliant idea. The BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set will be the best gift. This brush set consists of 14 brushes of different sizes and shapes, ideal for covering your need to apply makeup on different face areas. The brush set has premium synthetic fiber material and a wooden handle.

It is suitable for applying liquid, cream, or powder face makeup. This brush set is anti-bacterial and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Each brush has a specific use, such as applying makeup on the forehead and cheeks, blending eye shadow, especially in the contour of eyes, applying lipstick, and lip-gloss with higher precision, and flawlessly highlighting cheekbones. All these brushes have one goal – to bring an even and natural face makeup.

  • This set comes with high-quality brushes at a great price.
  • The different shapes and sizes meet all your makeup needs and are ideal for all face shapes.
  • The brushes have a comfortable wooden handle that makes the application process easy.
  • They are not easy to clean, which may result in a stickier application.
Our Verdict:

For any beauty lover, this makeup brush set is a must-have. The BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set comes at an affordable price; you will not need to break your bank to have it. Its features are amazing. Thus, the 14-piece set will come in handy for different application needs. The best brush bags offer ample storage space for these accessories.

2. BEAKY Makeup Brush Set

This makeup brush set has everything you are looking for in a professional face makeup application. The set features ten premium quality brushes with dense synthetic fibers that deliver quality makeup application. It also comes with two sponges (flat and pointed). The non-porous bristles of these brushes will not absorb or waste your makeup. They will ensure even application for a beautiful look. The flat bottom sponge is suitable to use on cheeks and forehead, while the pointed one is ideal for small areas on your face.

On the other hand, the handles are made of durable ferrule and wood materials that give you a great grip while applying the makeup and prevent the brushes from falling from your hands. Whether you want to apply liquid, cream, or powder makeup, this set will get it all easily done for you. The set is ideal for applying foundation, contour, concealer, and highlight.

  • This set is perfect for powder, cream, or liquid makeup, making it very convenient.
  • It has cruelty-free and non-shedding bristles that offer a smooth application.
  • The handle is strong and can last for a long time.
  • The bristles may start falling off if you soak the handle in water.
Our Verdict:

Each brush is anti-bacterial and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This makeup brush set will be the perfect gift for your loved ones who love all things beauty.

3. BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set

Do you want to upgrade from your simple brush set to a professional set? BESTOPE Makeup Brush set features five big brushes and 11 eyebrows and eyes makeup brushes, each made from high-quality wood and ferrule material that gives your hand excellent grip while applying the makeup. These brushes have smooth and dense bristles that ensure proper makeup application. Therefore, you can get that flawless look by applying your foundation, contour, concealer, and highlight using these brushes.

Besides, they are ideal for applying a different range of products, from powders to liquids to creams. Considering their non-porous nature, you can be sure that they will not absorb your makeup, but instead, they will apply it evenly on your skin for a flawless look. When it comes to cleaning, simply wash the bristles with warm water and shampoo. The brushes are also cruelty-free.

  • This set is suitable for beginners and professional makeup artists.
  • It works with liquid, cream, or powder foundation without any shedding or product absorption.
  • The brush bristles are soft and dense for a smooth and flawless makeup application.
  • They have thick bases that may not fit well in your organizer.
Our Verdict:

This makeup brush set will get every part of your face glowing with beauty. It consists of 5 big brushes and 11 small brushes, ideal for versatile application. The soft and dense synthetic fibers are durable and non-porous.

4. SHANY The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set

Your long search for a brush set that you can use when applying makeup has ended. The SHANY Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set will cover you fully. This brush set comes in 24 pieces to make your makeup application a breeze, from your eye shadow to your foundation to your bronzer, blush, and highlighter. It has a blend of sable-, goat badger, pony hair, and microfiber bristles that allow for the seamless blend for every single use.

This brush set is all soft, strong, and long-lasting, so you will not have to worry about them dropping apart after use. The handles are made of oak and rosewood with a sleek, black finish. After use, use the best makeup brush cleaner to keep it in top shape.

  • The set is a perfect blend of natural and synthetic bristles for maximum use.
  • This set comes in a classy travel makeup box and rollup pouch for convenient carry and storage.
  • They are cruelty-free and tested on animals, making them safe for sensitive skin.
  • They may have a foul smell that may irritate your nose.
Our Verdict:

Each brush is anti-bacterial and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It comes with a vegan leather brush that you can use when you are traveling for a bonus. This makeup brush set can add up as a beautiful gift for your loved ones who love all things beauty.

5. Emax Design 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

EmaxDesign makeup brush set consists of 12 pieces of handmade brush made of synthetic fiber and high-quality bamboo material for the handle. The brush leaves a flawless finish and is thus perfect for applying liquids, creams, and powder makeup. The brush set includes an eye shadow brush, eyelash brush, foundation brush, and powder brush for day-to-day use.

Furthermore, this brush set will not shed easily, as long as you take the best care of them. When you want to carry your brush set on your trip, use the leatherette bag. This sounds good! For delicate skins, the EmaxDesign Makeup brush set is anti-bacterial, and it is unlikely that it will cause any reaction on your face. Observe proper hygiene and care while handling this product.

  • This handmade brush set has high-quality non-shedding fibers that provide a soft feel.
  • They are ideal for creams, powders, or liquid makeups, making them suitable for daily use.
  • They have ergonomic handles that make the application comfortable.
  • The brushes are smaller, which may make them challenging to use.
Our Verdict:

The EmaxDesign Makeup brush set is recommended for its sleek and professional look and soft synthetic fiber bristles. These brushes are easy to clean, maintain, and use for perfect facial makeup application.

Final Thoughts

Our selection of the best make-up brush sets will help you to apply smoothly and even makeup quickly. They are durable, easy to use, and manufactured using high-quality natural and synthetic fibers. Do not hesitate to buy one. They work on all skin types.