Best Makeup Sets in 2022

Makeup sets are important as they improve the outlook of women. However, they can also be a nightmare if you order a low-quality product or a brand that is not suitable for your skin type. Irritation and blowouts are common and highly frustrating. Other cheap brands have grease, which clogs pores, leading to damage and faster aging. While shopping for a new set, therefore, do not opt for any random brand that you think will work. Looked for a tried and tested product with the reputation of providing value for money.

If you need a new make-up set for day-to-day use, we can help you to find the best brand in the market this year. We have identified a few reputable brands for all skin types. They are effective and lack additives that might irritate or harm you after a grooming session. Read on to learn more.

Are you in a hurry?

Do not settle for less just because you are shopping in a hurry. We have a selection of premium makeup sets that will help you to maintain healthy skin and look good.

Best Overall


Haus Laboratories Makeup Kit

The HAUS LABORATORIES kit has three blendable items, including a liquid shimmer powder, rip lip liner, and lie riot lip-gloss. Uses the liner and lip gloss to add body to your lips and the shimmer to finish it off. All products are cruelty-free and safe to use on all skin types. They are easy to use and come with a reusable clutch for safe storage/transport.

High-End Pick

HAUS LABORATORIES Lady Gaga Lips and Lies Duo

Lady Gaga Lips and Lies Duo

With the Lady Gaga Lips and Lies Duo, you get a premium product from a very accomplished brand. The quality of the ingredients is top-notch. The versatility of the product and its long-wearing effect on the skin has also earned it a lot of positive attention. You will love its attractive matte look. It is also easy to apply on the lips as the formula is light and is safe for most people as the formula lacks harsh additives.

Budget Pick

Grande Cosmetics Golden Girl Duo Set

Grande Cosmetics Golden Girl Duo Set

Even though cheap, the effective peptide-infused formula of Grande Cosmetics makes it an excellent pick. You get two mascara (gold and black) for improving your looks. You also get a reusable clutch bag that you can use to carry the mascara and more while traveling. This product is cruelty-free and therefore safe for most people. It also has a water-resistant ophthalmologist-tested formula that you can use even when it is raining. You will love this product’s quality.

Buying Guide for Makeup Sets

Shopping for the best makeup set is not as easy as buying the first random brand that you come across. It needs a bit of planning to avoid the simple mistakes that tens of people make. Once you have specified a budget, check out these attributes to know if a makeup set will work for you or not.

Safety: The facial skin and components such as eyelashes are sensitive. Therefore, while selecting a product to use on a day-to-day basis, make sure that is 100% safe. It should be cruelty-free and lack additives that might harm you over time.

Components: What are the components in your preferred makeup set? Different brands have different items such as mascara, tweezers, and storage bags, to name a few. As such, before spending your money on one, make sure that it has all components that you are looking for. If you want to condition your lips, buy a product with a quality lip gloss and or liner. Tweezers and a carrying bag are also beneficial.

Quality: While buying a new make-up set, look for a product that will serve you well for a long time. It should be of the highest quality. Ingredients should be natural. The materials used to make physical items such as tweezers of exfoliators should also be top-notch. Check these before spending cash.

Top 5 Best Makeup Sets in the Market this Year

Check these bestsellers. They offer the best value for cash.

1. HAUS LABORATORIES Makeup Kit with Bag


  • Bendable products
  • High-end reusable clutch
  • Liquid shimmer powder
  • Lacks harsh chemicals
  • Premium lip gloss

This HAUS LABORATORIES makeup kit includes glam attack liquid shimmer powder, rip lip liner, lie riot lip-gloss, and a high-end reusable clutch. These three versatile bendable products allow you to create your unique blend. You can use the products alone, together, or layer them for a unique and creative look. This makeup kit is easy to use, provided you follow all the directions. It does not contain nasty chemicals that may cause acne flare-ups and skin irritations. This makes it safe for use for people of all skin types.

  • The three blendable are durable and recommended for most women.
  • You can use this product issue-free even with sensitive skin.
  • You get a liner, lip gloss, and a reusable clutch that delivers professional results.
  • Some people have reported skin irritation or flare-ups after using this product.
Our Verdict:

This blendable makeup kit gives you the freedom to use your creativity to create a unique blend. You can use the products individually or blend them to create a unique formulation. This product is easy to use and will not cause irritations. Buy it today and enhance your looks immediately. The following bathroom accessories are equally beneficial to women. Consider buying a set as well.

2. HAUS LABORATORIES by Lady Gaga Lips and Lies Duo


  • Monster Matte Lip Crayon
  • Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliner
  • Offers full coverage
  • Lightweight formula
  • Cruelty-free

This two-piece value make-up set by Haus Laboratories offers value for cash. The limited-edition set has a creamy nude le monster matte lip crayon and a long-wearing liquid eyeliner in matte black. With this duo, you can achieve that signature look you have been hoping for. This duo offers full coverage that strikes in one swipe. It is comfortable, and its light nature will make you feel free all day long. Besides, your lips will look fuller and appealing at all times.

The eyeliner offers lasts for a 24-hour and has a super fine flexible tip that guides your line without pulling, tugging, or irritating your skin. It makes your eyes full and bold and does not cause any irritations. Ingredients used to formulate this duo are cruelty-free and will not cause irritations. This effective product works well on most skin types.

  • The superfine formula looks good and is safe for use on all skin types.
  • This limited-edition set has a lip crayon in creamy nude long-wearing liquid eyeliner in matte black.
  • Its lightweight formula is not only easy to apply but also comfortable.
  • The make-op duo costs slightly more than similar products in this niche.
Our Verdict:

If you are actively looking for a budget-friendly makeup set for your eyes and lips, this Haus Laboratories lips & lies duo is an ideal pick. It is a value pack that offers excellent results without irritating your skin. In addition, it enhances your looks and makes you look more appealing.

3. Grande Cosmetics Golden Girl Duo Set


  • Cruelty-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Peptide-infused formula
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Safe for all skin types

This Grande Cosmetics Golden Girl Duo Set has come to give your wimpy lashes a golden touch. This duo works together to give your lashes a boost and make them look longer, thicker, healthier. To get a seamless look, add the best makeup blenders and sponges in your shopping cart as well.

You get a GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum and Grande MASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara that combine their powerful effects to give you the best eyelashes ever. With this set, you will enhance your natural lashes and make them healthier and fuller. It conditions and coats the lashes and promotes their appearance. They are easy to remove to prevent lash breakage and can help you to keep your eyelashes flexible and strong for long.

This set does not contain any harmful chemicals in its formulations. This cruelty-free and ophthalmologist-tested product is 100% safe for your skin. It is also suitable for soothing contact and working on eyelash extensions.

  • The ophthalmologist-tested formula is safe and 100% cruelty-free.
  • It looks good on the skin and protects eyelashes from breakage.
  • Creates a natural, fuller, and healthier look on all skin types.
  • None that we can think of at the moment.
Our Verdict:

If you are looking to enhance your lashes, this Grande Cosmetics Golden Girl is the best. It boosts the look and feel of lashes by making them more flexible, strong, and healthy. This cruelty-free set is available at a fair cost online.

4. Terry Tea to Tan Face and Body Bronzer Makeup Sets


  • Contains tea/fruit extracts
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • No tanning agents included
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Prevents aging

This tea-infused liquid bronzer for the face and body provides you with two tanning effects that include matter or shimmer. It will give your body a warm tan, sheen, or matte at any time, depending on how you apply it.

Infused with tea extracts and active fruit extracts, this body and face tan is suitable for all skin tones. It does not streak and offers long-lasting results. Also, it does not include tanning agents that may cause skin irritations.

This product is rich in antioxidants that will protect the skin from aging. The plant-based agents keep the skin moisturized by preventing moisture loss.

With this formula, you can get a head-to-toe glow instantly and create new and beautiful-looking skin.

  • The plant-based formula has deep moisturizing agents that will boost your outlook.
  • Packed with antioxidants that will keep your skin looking healthy and young.
  • You can choose between two tanning effects (matte or shimmer).
  • This product is not a self-tanner and transfers to clothes quite a bit.
Our Verdict:

This tanning duo is all you need to give your skin a new look. This effective moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and is rich in antioxidants that slow aging. If you require a skin-enhancing tan duo, this is the best to buy.

5. Terry Twinkle Glow Mini to Go Set


  • Premium setting powder
  • Retractable mini tool
  • Features retractable brush
  • Spot bristles
  • Ideal gift item

Everyone looks for a makeup set that will enhance looks without a lengthy application process. By Terry Twinkle Glow Mini to Go Set makes it a good choice on the go. It is also an ideal gift for a loved one who loves makeup.

This luxurious set is a best-seller, and it includes three mini versions for quick touch-ups on the go. Therefore, it is a must-have, especially for this festive season, as you will not need to carry bulky makeup sets.

This set features a mini-tool retractable makeup brush that is efficient in makeup application. Its bristles are soft and flexible for a flawless experience. The brush is easy to use and clean, making it a great option when traveling. Use the best makeup travel case and holder to carry it around safely.

  • The application process is easy and non-irritant.
  • Its portable design is suitable for making quick touch-ups on the go.
  • It comes with a free brush that you can clean and reuse multiple times.
  • None that we can think of at the moment.
Our Verdict:

If you are not going to use this makeup set, buy it for your loved ones. This perfect set eliminates the need for bulky makeup bags. More so, it is cost-effective, which makes it an ideal pick, especially during this festive season.

Final Thoughts

Make-up sets are diverse and designed to deliver a valuable experience while preparing for social events. They condition and moisturize the skin. Others exfoliate the skin and can fade signs of aging such as fine lines or dark circles. Our picks can help you to stay young. They are affordable and ideal for daily use as they are light and 100% safe for humans.