Best Nail Polishes in 2022

If you wish to have clean and well-groomed nails without spending a hefty amount of money buy the best nail polishes. Clean your nails with soap and warm water in the morning and while preparing for bed. Also, trim and file nails with a clipper and apply nail polish to provide a glistening look. This article can help you to find the best nail polish for most nail types. The products we have chosen and reviewed are safe for men and women. They offer long lasting results and are available in stores this year.

Are you in a hurry?

Left plain, nails can look boring and unattractive. However, with quality nail polish, you can breathe new life into nails and overall look without spending a lot of cash. Whenever you are shopping in a hurry, you will come across many types and colors for different nail types. While most are suitable for women (and men), we have identified and reviewed the best brands for this year.

Best Overall

SHANY Cosmopolitan Nail Polish set

SHANY Cosmopolitan Nail Polish set

SHANY Cosmopolitan is a quick-drying 24-piece nail set that comes in a range of rich colors. Whether you love pastels, neutral tones, or bright colors, this product has everything. You even get glitter shades in a portable package that you can gift to a friend or relative. The production of this nail polish happens in the USA using skin/nail ingredients. You get a free organizer (transparent) for safe storage and a thick brush that provides a neat finish. You do not have to buy makeup brushes or cosmetic bags separately.

High-End Pick

Essie Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish

Essie Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish

Essie Couture is a gel-based nail polish with a long-wear formula that leaves a clean and bright finish. Backed by over 35 years of experience, the company stocks a wide selection of products, most of them permanent shades. However, it has produced a few seasonal nail polishes that work best at specific times of the year. These nail polish come ready to use. You do not need a base coat to get a clean finish. Moreover, because it dries quickly, you do not need a UV lamp or sunshine for it to dry quickly, evenly.

Budget Pick

Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Metallics

Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Metallics

Smith & Cult is a reputable brand of metallic nail polish that comes in a single 4.8-ounce bottle. It comes in six colors, sole purpose, a little underground, ice tears, 1972, unseen, and 5th Ave Fortress. All have a vegan and gluten-free formula that leaves a full metallic finish on nails. For the best results, seal it with a high-quality top coat to prolong its life. The product is non-chip and natural-looking. It does not require a base coat to work and is resistant to environmental abuse and household chores.

Buying Guide for Nail Polishes

Nail polish is one of the favorite makeup products that every woman needs. They come in many shades and qualities. Before you purchase nail polishes consider, the following attributes.

Brand: Choose a reputable brand if you want quality. If you do not know about the best nail polish brands, you should read customer reviews to find out. Many fake companies manufacture low-quality nail polish that looks good to the eye but is far from it.

Ingredients: The nail polish should not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients that could damage your nails. Choose nail polish with ingredients that will keep the nails healthy looking even after the fourth week. The best nail polish nourishing ingredients include Vitamin E, Keratin, and Biotin.

Durability and Longevity: Hands and fingers take lots of abuse daily, so ensure the nail polish you buy can withstand the pressure. It is also good to choose a nail polish that will last long without cracking or chipping.

Finish: If you want to look good in nail polish, choose one with a glossy finish and a shade that compliments your skin tone and accessories.

Top 5 Nail Polishes in the Market this Year

To get a clean and seamless finish, always check the quality of the nail polish you buy and use. These top brands are the best.

1. SHANY Cosmopolitan Nail Polish set

SHANY Cosmopolitan is a 24-piece set nail polish that comes in rich and stylish colors/shades. The SHANY brand brings you various primary, bright hues, and glitter shades to surprise your loved one. Thus, it is the ultimate gift-able kit, giving enough room and options to select. For home users who prefer to groom themselves, the brand produces various items from the USA. The paint has high quality, thus does not crack. It comes with different shades of nail lacquer that make the selection hustle-free.

Your package arrives with a clear organizer and nail polishes. The holder can also act as a lasting makeup travel case/ organizer, making it easy for you to spot your preferred color. The broad, thick brush gives a neat finish. Thus, it can soak enough paint for two or fewer coats. There is no need for a UV lamp or dryer. It has a quick-dry formula that helps it dry and holds faster.

  • A popular beauty and makeup brand, with nail polish that lasts for long without chipping or cracking.
  • Available in funky colors and nuances with quick-drying abilities.
  • Affordable, and comes with wide application brushes for ease of use.
  • Does not have basic skin color tones or nude color.
Our Verdict:

SHANY Cosmopolitan is a nail polish with a quick-dry formula, thus wastes no time and energy to dry it out. This is a suitable kit to present as a gift.

2. Essie Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish

Essie is a favorite brand for most people. With over 35 years of commanding the beauty industry, their superior products come with an award-winning formula. The brand stocks a wide selection of permanent shades to go along with seasonal collections. Thus, you cannot go wrong with Essie Nail Polish.

You do not need a base coat; apply on bare nails, as it does not chip or fade. It holds on even when exposed to sharp points, heat, or sunlight. For optimal results, the polish is quick to use. You only need to swipe on the preferred color and add the gel couture top coat, thus serving time and energy.

Now, relax to admire your handiwork for weeks if not days.

  • It stays on for 10 to 14 days without chipping, and it is easy to remove.
  • It dries fast, and it comes with a good brush design that makes the application easy and fast.
  • Available in a range of attractive and vibrant colors.
  • Slightly more expensive than regular nail polish.
Our Verdict:

Essie Gel Couture has an award-winning formula that does not fade or chip when exposed to scratch or direct sunlight.

3. Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Metallics

Smith & Cult is a small, but intense nail polish that blows your mind away at first sight. Its metallic finish type makes it stand out among the other brands. The 8-free formula polish is also free from vegan and gluten harmful ingredients. Therefore, making it a natural, non-chip, and skin-loving product for your skin and nail plates.

This unique product is easy to carry and store, with an item weight of 0.3 Pounds. The feature makes it portable; therefore, a hustle-free package during travel and you can use it while on the go. The extreme glow of a non-chip and long-wear paint that has an ultra-adherent base coat extends its life span. It does not fade or peel off easily when exposed to sunlight or rough points.

The Smith & Cult brand makes its cosmetics from pure pigments. Apply Basis of Everything base coat, followed by two coats and seal with all topcoats. This delivers a shiny and flawless finish.

  • Nail polish looks as good on the nails as it does on the bottle.
  • Has a salon-finished look, and it stays on for long without chipping.
  • Affordable and available in deep and vibrant colors.
  • The nail polish brush feels slightly heavy.
Our Verdict:

Smith & Cult Nail Polish is natural and skin-friendly nail polish. It lasts long, light, and portable with an exciting metallic finish.

4. Essie Celebration Love Moments Collection

The six-piece nail shade gift-able set comes with unique cards. From sheer luck to the best-test birthday cards, there is to offer. The Essie brand offers special Celebration Love Moments Collection nail polish for over 35 years.

Essie Celebration Love nail polish is free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP, thus, saves you from harmful ingredients. The polish has sassy, elegant, and chic shades made from an award-winning formula. Therefore, these varieties give you the option to select your preferred color and style.

This America’s nail expert kit is an aspiration to fashion lovers, salon professionals, and celebrities using wit & style. The inspiration comes from the flawless and streak-free cover the polish has that prevents chipping, thus holding its shine. It has a resistant recipe that protects from damage and harsh heat, maintaining the glossy texture, long last, and durability.

The trademark believes in coloring everyone’s life through beauty; that is why you get the best in-store. For an excellent finish, follow these quick and straightforward steps. Apply apricot cuticle oil, follow with the base coat, follow two coats, and finish with a topcoat. Therefore, should you wish to surprise your loved one, here is an outstanding cosmetic for her.

  • It comes in a value pack of 6 with different celebratory shades.
  • Salon-quality finish with flawless coverage and durability.
  • Includes an exclusive easy glide brush for a fast and easy application process.
  • Polish takes a while to settle.
Our Verdict:

Celebration Love Moments Collection is a nail polish that offers six colorful shades from Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP. It does not fade, peel, and damage; thus, it lasts longer and shines more.

5. Morgan Taylor All About the Pout Nail Lacquer

Morgan Taylor is a nail polish created professionally using the crème de la crème of nail coloring. The brand uses natural ingredients sourced from the earth to design this spectacular classical product. These precious and rare elements include gems, luminous pearls, radiant gold, glimmering silvers, and semi-precious stones. This nail lacquer has pure, saturated, and grounded pigments. It gives a bright metallic shine that glitters with decadent crèmes. The Morgan brand ensures the formula is Free of Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene. Thus, it delivers a smooth, extended-wear, even texture with a professional finish.

Expect fewer accidents and smear with the ergonomic cap and a curved shaped bottle. This technique provides a firm grip, therefore allowing you to be in control and feel relaxed. For more benefits, the applicator comes as a special curved designed brush with extra fine laser cut ends, thus offering full coverage of paint.

  • Available in over 200 shades and stays on without chipping for 10 days.
  • This professional polish is common in high-end salons all over the world.
  • Inspiration of its quality and color are from raw gems, luminous pearls, and semi-precious stones.
  • The texture is slightly thick.
Our Verdict:

Morgan Taylor is a brand that produces natural nail polish. The application delivers smooth, long-wear, even texture with a professional finish.

Final Thoughts

Our picks of the best nail polish will keep your nails looking good without irritation or harm. They are easy to apply, quick-drying, and come in many exciting colors for women/men of all cadres.