Tips to Wear Hair Claw Clips

Tips to Wear Hair Claw Clips

Even though women have a selection of hair accessories for sprucing their look, hair clip claws remain the most popular to date. They are cheaper and accessible to most women. You can also pull off a myriad of stunning looks, which are impossible with other hair products. To do an excellent job, you need to find a quality product that works the best on your hair. We have identified a reputable brand for you that works on most hair. We have also shared top styling tips.

LYSSS Hair Claws Bundle


  • Pack of four hair clips.
  • Eco-friendly, plant-based acetate material.
  • Works well on all hair types.
  • Comes in four different sizes.

Do you have a messy hair that drapes over your face and ruins your overall look at work or school? With LYSSS Hair Claws, you get a versatile product that can solve these issues and more without burning a hole in your pocket. It comes as a bundle of four black and white made from an eco-friendly acetate material. The material does not irritate the skin and has a radiant look that does not fade after weeks of routine use. The material is also durable. You can expose it to oils and other hair products without issues.

LYSSS Hair Claws work on most hair types. You can use them to hold or style straight, curly, thin, fine, or full hair. You can also experiment with different styles, including all ups, buns, and half ups, with one of the four clips in the bundle.  You get three sizes – each being scratch-resistant.

  • You get a pack of four hair clamps made from a durable acetate material.
  • The clamps not only work well on most hair types but also support multiple styles.
  • They have a cool-looking black and white finish that does not fade nor scratches over time.
  • The limited color options might be a turnoff for some women.
Our Verdict:

We think that LYSS should diversify its product portfolio with other radiant colors that might appeal to a younger customer base. However, you are looking at an eco-friendly product that is resistant to scratches and oils. It works on all hair types and has four clips that support many hairstyles. These include all ups, buns, and half ups, et cetera.

Tips to Wear Hair Claw Clips

Most hair claw clips have a neutral design that enables you to experiment with your creativity. Do not get overboard, though. With a robust hair claw clip such as LYSS, you can create stunning updos, half-ups, and buns on curly, straight, or thin hair. It is easy to use, fade-resistant, and gentle on the hair, making it suitable for a routine grooming at home. follow these additional tips to get the best out of your clip.

Size of the Clip

While claw clips look stunning and are generally easier to use at home, you have to be creative with your pick to get the best experience. Which size of the clip will look the best on your hair? This should be a major consideration especially if you are using claw clips for the first time. Miniature clips, for instance, are reminiscent of 90s styling. While their popularity among adults has faded over the years, they are the hallmarks of kid’s fashion today because of their versatility. They are suitable for creating accented buns without pulling or breaking the hair. If you want to create a full hairline, a cool side style, or a ponytail, they are also the best to use.

Medium claw clips support a range of hairstyles for different occasions. They fit most hair types and have a modern look that works well on both short and long hair. They can also secure medium and thick hair and are cost-effective, as you only need one or two to pull off your desired look. Use these to pull off stunning twists and buns. They are also perfect for keeping hair off the face and ears and are suitable for styling for both professional and formal occasions. These include meetings, interviews, weddings, parties, and operas.

Large clips are powerful and are thus suitable for controlling the hair. They come in stunning designs, which enable you to experiment with different looks, and are visible from far. Thus, they are good for creating drama for parties, et cetera.

Position of the Clip

To pull off a stunning look with a hair claw clip, the first thing that you should do is order the best from a favorite store. Then, did you know that the position of your clip dictates the look and experience you will have with your claw clip? Do not restrict your styling to standard positions such as the side or back of the head. Come up with something new by experimenting with unusual positions such as the top of the head, et cetera. You can also use two or more hair claw clips on different locations of the head to add drama to your look.

Color of the Clip

Did you know that the color of your clip has a bearing on your look? This in turn has a bearing on the experience that you will have while attending formal or professional events such as weddings and presentations. During professional events such as interviews and presentations, do not opt for radiant colors or themes as these can be counterproductive. Stick to neutral yet bold colors such as black, white, and pastels to pull off a professional look. Experiment with different sizes and try to match the clip to your outfit to have a cleaner and more formal look. During social events such as parties, look for a color that will improve your visibility without making you look goofy and/or childish. Matching colors to outfits work well, so keep this in mind.

Skin Type

While evaluating your skin type, you need to look at two things – quality and its compatibility with your skin. While evaluating quality, look for a product that will not have a negative bearing on your skin’s health. Materials should be hypoallergenic. It should also have rounded edges that will never bruise your skin nor damage your hair. Its design, on the other hand, should be a perfect match for your skin type and color. If you have dark skin, go for lighter shades and pastels. These will pop out more and improve your outlook. You can also use color to create drama for your overall look.


Are you preparing for an occasion? This can dictate the type of hair clip that you should wear to get the best experience. Different colors and shapes also work well during different occasions. Keep this in mind as well. While preparing for a formal occasion, for instance, do not go for the colorful or overly dramatic hair clamp clip that you wear to parties. A toned-down, neutral one will never let you down. If you are preparing for a party, you can use the most dramatic of the pack.

Even though simple-looking, hair claw clips are versatile accessories that can improve your look naturally. They come in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors and work on most hair types. Whether you have thin curly hair and need to secure them into updos or other elaborate styles, this product works well. The five top tips that we have reviewed herein will help you to get the best experience with yours at home. Briefly, while styling with clamp clips, choose the correct size. Also, make sure that the color of the clip and its design complements your skin type and/or your desired look. Finally, always use a quality product that will not irritate your skin or damage your hair. LYSS is one of the best this year.